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There is no reason to get bored.

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Epic Games is not only behind the Unreal Engine and the land scourge Fortnite, they have also built a fully capable and stock game client for those of us who enjoy gaming on PC.

Perhaps part of the success behind the Epic Games Store also lies in the fact that they give you at least one game free “forever and ever” once you add it to your game library. For some of us, it’s become a habit to pop into the Epic Games Store every Thursday night to see what’s being handed out.

But now Christmas is approaching, and in honor of the holiday, Epic Games has raised the donation rate. The newly launched “15 Days of Free Games” means just that; That today and during the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to replenish your game library with various titles.

It is not a good idea to say exactly what appears on odd days, as this is kept secret until 17:00 each day. This time should also be noted, as this also marks the end of the “old” free offer.

By the way, the first free game came at five o’clock yesterday, so you still have a few hours left if you want two new games today – that is, one before and one after 17:00.

Receiving games via the Epic Games Store also requires a user account, but registration is also free.

Sales and sales

epic games

In addition to giving away fifteen games, Epic Games is also having sales in connection with the Christmas holidays. This started yesterday and runs through January 5th, and Epic is also tempting you with a 25 percent off coupon you can use on top of the sale discount — as long as the purchase is at least $15.

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But not only at Epic you can find good games at a discount. In the Steam competitor, the Winter Sale is also approaching, and this will start on December 22nd and also last until January 5th.

Otherwise, it might be a good idea to find an online game store that has no form of selling now around Solsnu.

With both sales and free titles, there’s at least no reason to sit inside and get bored during the holiday season. And if you’re worried about electricity prices, we’ve got some saving tips for you with a powerful computer, too.

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