Honestly, Damle Ringtone | Honestly: Damly tone (35)

Honestly, Damle Ringtone |  Honestly: Damly tone (35)

You are now reading the “Erlig talt” column, a regular column in Nettavisen where famous and interesting people answer a series of regular questions about themselves, their opinions, their daily life and the important things in life – plus some quick recommendations!

Tone Damli (35) had a huge success in 2005 when she came in second place on “Idol”. His music career took off quickly after that, and Damle became one of the most popular artists in the country for a number of years. She also participated in all the TV shows, and is now in a new season of the podcast “Robbery with Tone”.

Please, you are here:

name: Damli Abergit ringtone
age: 35
marital status: Engaged to the best man in the world
What's your name in SoMe? Instagram: @iamtonedamli, Snapchat: @TDamliOfficial, TikTok: @tonedamli
Senior: In Sogndal
Live now: Blumenholm
Workplace: Here and there
How to navigate in daily life: in car

What's keeping you busy now?
– Children and youth.

What is your most controversial position?
– See the last question!

What are you proud of having achieved over the past year?
– I'm probably most proud of the fact that I'm able to combine my own interests, my work, and the role of mother and friend. It's not always easy, but I do my best.

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Introvert or extrovert?
– ambitious. I can stand at the table in safe settings, but it puts me safely in the corner with my “gang” when things are a bit unknown and scary.

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Right from the beginning or a cloud of conflict?
– 100% conflict cloud. It's a little silly sometimes.

Was it carefully planned or just dealt with as it came?
– Yes, thank you both!

Save or splurge?
– Save and treat yourself… It's important to be generous too!

“Dax18” or “The Farm”?
– no.

Board games or PlayStation?
– Oh… backgammon. But not very happy about it. Or yes, it can be convenient. He picks card games any day of the week, but maybe that wasn't an option.

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When was the last time you cried and why?
-I laughed almost every time Ingrid Havik belted out her version of “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”. Tears fall easily. It's liberating.

What's the bravest thing you've done?
– The decline in “Company Lauritzen” was very strong, but also in the “Star Match”. Then I felt brave.

What is the most dramatic thing you have experienced?
-I can't think of a good answer here, but I often dream big.

And… when was the last time you lost your mind?
– No, this is it. mistake. I don't know, but I can be a little goofy. Like when I was driving my car on the edge of the garage here a little while ago and it got a puncture. Sometimes it's a little fast in turns.

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What is the thing you regret most in life?
-I can't afford to regret things. I firmly believe that one learns enough of everything that it might be a good thing to take it with you further.

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What's the worst rumor you've ever heard about yourself?
Rumors are the worst thing I know. Stop it!

What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?
– I am a good mother to my children.

Who would you cancel and why?
– You chose to cancel this question.

And…what do you think about cancel culture?
– and this is!

Who/what would you like to pay tribute to and why?
– my father. Because now I know how big the responsibility is and how fierce it can be. They were good, and now I'm trying the same thing.

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What makes you angry?
– mistake.

If you had $500,000 to invest, how would you invest?
-Then I should have asked Dad and Marcus.

What is the best or worst gift you have received or given?
– The engagement ring was well received!

Give us some quick recommendations!

Book/newspaper/magazine: As a mother of young children, unfortunately, I read very little, which means I read to children. There I would recommend Tinashe Williamson's book, “A Guide for Anti-Racist Youth” and Hermann Flesvig's book, “Herman – Stories from an Undiagnosed Growing Up.”
Series/Movie: “The greatest night in pop music”. Oh my goodness I enjoyed myself! I watch a lot of series, but this was the last one I watched
music: Now “The Distance” by Yebba
program: Rial. I'm very worried about the weather. And Podimo for podcasts!
So Me Account: @emilisindlev – What inspiring style!
Food and drink: Vongole pasta with small bira moretti
holiday destination: Italy

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What are you most looking forward to now?
– Oh…a lot! Spring and sun, making music, touring with lovely guests on my podcast “Robbery with Tone”, launching a secret project I’ve been working on and enjoying time with family and friends? #lifet

And frankly:

Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?
– Yay – it's delicious. But I never wore it after that. I'm a diavola girl!

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