Anne Marie Ottersen’s Famous Holiday Paradise: – Moved in to Tom Hanks’ wife in the store

Anne Marie Ottersen's Famous Holiday Paradise: - Moved in to Tom Hanks' wife in the store

Anne Marie Otterson

Anne Marie Ottersen’s Famous Holiday Paradise: – Moved in to Tom Hanks’ wife in the store

The 77-year-old is far from living a quiet life with retirement. “Fortunately, my health is fine and I don’t feel much different than when I was younger,” Annemarie Ottersen smiles at her og Nå.

Anne-Marie Ottersen’s famous laugh (77) blends with the screeching of seagulls and waves in the sea bath at Bygdøy.

The actress takes a rare beach break before she begins work on Orge’s “Soot Spelet,” because all Norway’s “otters” only enjoy the lazy summer days.

– I’m not the type who can lie straight on the sunbed for long. We have a holiday home in Antiparos in Greece and there are some sunbathing in the morning and afternoon. I don’t mind lying in the sun and reading a book, but I don’t crave it. I like that there is a little “movement” during the day, she smiles.

She bought the Greek island holiday resort with her actor husband Lasse Lindtner (67) in 1996. Since then, many famous faces have found their way to the good life in Antiparos.

Movie star couple Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have a very beautiful home on their way to us. I’ve seen them there many times, and bumped into Britta in the store or at the bank. I once saw movie star Matthew McConaughey at Pepinos, a beachfront bar. It’s kind of funny. I’d love to be in Greece and really put my shoulders down there, she says.

enjoy the life: “Over the years, I’ve become happier in the ordinary with all the everyday, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to have fun,” Anne-Marie smiles.
picture: Sven Prime

Theater “Soot Game”

Admittedly, there is no need for movie stars and azure seas so that Anne-Marie can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

-Over the years, you’ve become happier in the ordinary with all the everyday, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to enjoy yourself. A perfect summer day for me is to be with my family. A few days ago I had a day like this, when I was with my young grandchildren. We ate good food, drank coffee, chatted and enjoyed the sun together. This was beautiful!

When work with “Soot Spelet” ends in July, Anne-Marie and Lacey travel to Greek holiday paradise with their two sons Tori and Morten, daughter-in-law Risa, and three oldest grandchildren, Marielle (17), Martin (14) and Daniel (10).

– We’re all really looking forward to it. Smiling summer vacation.

Although she left the National Theater after 45 years as an employee when she turned 70, Anne Marie still leads a busy daily life as an actress. In recent years, she has played in TV series such as “The Best Before” and “Worst When It Comes” and has been seen on the cinema screen in films such as “Diana’s Wedding”, “Full Coverage” and “Nothing to Laugh About”.

– I never thought about retirement, but only thought: “Now it will be as it will be.” The first thing I did after I retired from the National Theater was go on tour with Britt Elizabeth Hugginsley for a year. Since then, she’s been filled with movie roles, games, TV shows, and all kinds of weird things. It was just fun, and it will last as long as it lasts, smiles.

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Management: – I’ve always loved training. The acting profession is mentally and physically demanding, so it is very important to stay fit, the fit 77-year-old smiles.
picture: Sven Prime

Trains three times a week

The 77-year-old, who previously ran marathons, believes that focusing on an active lifestyle is an important reason why she is able to maintain a high pace in her career.

An acting career is both mentally and physically demanding, so it is very important to stay fit. I exercise every day to keep cavities at bay. Either in SATS once and twice a week, or vice versa. If the weather is bad, I go to the gym, but if there is accommodation, I run outside. It is very important to keep moving. I don’t need to train much, but training gives me a lot. She says she can only be recommended.

The actress has always loved staying fit, but only when she met Lasse 37 years ago did she make regular rounds every week.

– Then we agreed to start working together, and we continued. Something we are both happy with. I thought: “When we become lovers, we must have something positive to do together,” and work only creates positive emotions. That was smart. I’m 10 years older than Lacey, so I have to keep fit. She was also an important driving force, laughing out loud.

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HUSBAND LASSE: For the past six months, Lacey has lived in Bergen performing there, while Anne-Marie has lived in the couple’s new apartment in Majorsten in Oslo.
picture: Sven Prime

Known for normal anxiety

Perhaps the fact that Anne Marie has maintained her youthful demeanor also comes from the fact that she has challenged herself through a long career. She has garnered great reviews for roles such as Polly in “The Twelve-Shilling Opera”, “Maggie” in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Martha” in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, but it required Comforts.

– If you feel nervous? Yeah what the hell? I’m not one of those completely neurotic people, but normal anxiety has always been there. I tend to say the only reason to keep acting is because the show is more than the concern. It’s a life full of anxiety to be on stage, but then it gets really cool after a performance. It’s the best moment of the day. But I often thought: “How dare I go out on that stage?”. But you just have to, and I think it’s healthy to go to the bad stuff. And she thinks you learn from him and you always feel better afterwards.

good memories: The summers of my childhood in my home in Kongsberg were always sunny. I had such a good time that I wish everyone a childhood like mine. We had a big garden where all the adults sat outside and drank coffee while the kids ran and played, Anne-Marie recalls.
picture: Sven Prime

Her husband Lacey recently lived in Bergen to play, among other things, in the play “Televåg” at Det Westnorske Teater. Just before Christmas, the couple moved from their villa in Holmenkollen – having lived there for 33 years – to a smaller apartment in Majorsten in Oslo. Thus, Anne-Marie had to get used to the new life in the city alone.

It’s good to live a little further away. I think all couples should take a break from each other now and then. This isn’t the first time Lacey has gone to Bergen to work on a theater show while I was at home in Oslo. We know each other really well and get on really well, so it’s always good. We visit each other quite a bit along the way, which is so nice when he comes home again, she smiles.

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The movie “Girl’s Trip”

In the fall, Anne-Marie will appear as Janne Formoe’s mother in the new movie “Jenteur,” and after this summer’s holiday trip to Greece, the 77-year-old will once again embark on new and exciting missions. an actress.

Challenge yourself: It may be a good idea to constantly get out of your comfort zone, even if it is not comfortable. When you’re going through what you think is a challenge, you’ll always feel much better afterward, says Anne-Marie of challenging her nerves to stand on stage for her long life.
picture: Sven Prime

– I still have many dreams. That’s why I think I should have had more than two lives. After this life with the art project, I wanted to embark on a more commercial life. I am also very curious, so in my last life I will become an astrophysicist. For now, I can kill all three there, so we’ll see, says Anne-Marie and laughs heartily.

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