Tex, Andreas Hochland | TIX did not gain momentum for this move

Tex, Andreas Hochland |  TIX did not gain momentum for this move

ARTS / TJUVHOLMEN (Nettavisen): Artist Andreas “TIX” Haukeland (29) is currently in connection with The first host role, leading this year’s “Paradise” season.. Since February, his life has centered a lot on reality series.

When the 29-year-old climbed Elle . Starry Summer Party He cut short a conversation with Nettavisen earlier this week, and eased the veil on his demands to take on the reality job.

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Known for his extravagant style of clothing, “TIX” was something he wanted to continue at the time in Mexico, but there was one detail that was quickly underrated.

It did not fall into good soil

Aside from the iconic fur coat and sunglasses, no “TIX” look is complete without the signature apparel, the headband.

During the new season of “Paradise”, he always appears in headbands, preferably in different colors. You’re usually used to seeing “TIX” in capital letters written on the tape, but in Mexico the host had to give up the branding.

However, he can reveal that he tried to convince production to let him bring his well-known brand to the reality resort.

– The contract says I can have a headband, but I wasn’t allowed to put a “TIX” on the belt, Haukeland admits to Nettavisen.

Thus restrictions were placed on his signature clothing, and the production did not allow for the headband style desired by the host. However, he is not sure what exactly was the basis for the decision, but journalist Netavizen has a doubt.

– Is it because it’s an ad for you?

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– I don’t know. The host confirmed that ‘TIX’ didn’t get me ‘TIX’ on the tape, but it’s working fine.

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Even if he had to accept solid-colored headbands without text, it was entirely inconceivable that TIX would drop the dress.

Relationships must be included, yes, he says firmly.

Supports “TIX”

For Wednesday night’s big costume party, the artist left the headband at home, and instead went for a Porsche cap.

Dennis Seva Lee (28), host of the “Good Evening Norway” program, responded to this. The two met on the pink carpet, and Hauckland’s choice of headdress quickly became a topic between the two.

Like most people, Siva Lie also used to see Haukeland wearing the headband, supporting the artist’s desire to keep “TIX” on the band.

– I love that he can still stick to the headband. But I’m a little annoyed that he doesn’t say “heaven” or “TIX”, as Denis Seva says is a lie to Nettavisen.

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However, the presenters of each channel became more familiar with the pink carpet, and discussed what the evening’s course would be.

Especially since Siva Lie had a plan for “TIX” that he wanted to perform in the evening, find out what it was in the video below:

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