Tex, Russian song | AI Music: How to get free songs

Tex, Russian song |  AI Music: How to get free songs

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There are always some types of music that are lighter than others. Species that are not very different.

When I was growing up, there were a few “adults” who thought the high lyricism came from 2 Live Crew with their “Me so horny,” or Alexei Sayles' hit “Didn't You Kill My Brother?” It was advanced music.

The reason for such an introduction is to ensure that white men who have long since turned fifty use the comment field to aggregate the Russian musical genre, if you wish.

Not everything has ever been better, which you can read about in this review from last year.

What this comment is about is artificial intelligence, specifically the way it can create music. The emergence of language models that can translate what you write in words into actual computer code has created a revolution.

A revolution that has given rise to an impressive amount of applications that can do relatively advanced things with ease.

Music created using artificial intelligence

Some make pictures, others make master's theses with less verifiable texts than ministers can manage, while others make music. Like this song you can listen below.

And yes, there is one Russell's song about the office in Nettavisen. Here, it is simply flattering that this comment is placed in a central place on the front page of the newspaper.

Naturally, it can also handle more popular Russian songs like the two below.

The Russian song “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Russian song “Party All Night Long”

He can also perform other genres, like the sad country song below:

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Who owns the song you make?

You own the song created on Suno, but you can't use the song to earn money (for example by uploading it to YouTube or Spotify) unless you purchase a subscription. The service, which gives you the rights to monetize your songs, costs $8 per month.

How Suno creates music for free using AI?

The service works by writing what is called a “prompt”. It's the instructions you give the AI, and you write them in plain Norwegian. For example, you could write “A song in Norwegian about a summer party full of energy, creativity, pop, soul, dancing, and breaking boundaries.”

Then you select “Create” and your song is created. It can then be downloaded as an MP3 or video file or shared directly.

Suno creates text and music, or you can upload your own text and it creates music over it.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is:

You can't ask it to make music in a specific artist's style, but if you want a song in a specific style by a specific artist, you can head over to ChatGPT and ask it to describe that artist's music in six words. Like this description of Taylor Swift's music: pop, country, indie, narrative, emotional, and versatile.

Excuse me, are you (or am I here) the next Taylor Swift:

You can also paste multiple parts together to create longer songs, if desired.

You can hear more AI songs below:

Is Suno stealing the music he makes?

No, he creates the music (and lyrics) from scratch every time. What some artists believe they should have paid for is that such AI engines are trained on millions of songs they have already recorded. Just like Oasis listened to the Beatles and recorded some of the same music, just millions or billions of times more.

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If you ask me what I mean, I don't hear the difference between any of what Suno comes out with, and many of the genres that dominate the charts today. Also, I'm a 50 year old white guy, but in my defense: In my younger days, I loved this quality gem:

note! About the time I finished this article, I discovered Udio, which might be even better. You can find it here. (Currently has a waiting list)

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