Apple is looking for a robot that will track you around the house

Apple is looking for a robot that will track you around the house

Mark Gurman has another scoop on Apple's internal plans: The company is exploring robotics.

Apple has been making and discontinuing robots for several years

It makes sense in many ways, because someone would have to challenge Tesla and Amazon, especially for Apple which spent at least a decade on a canceled car project – but it's guaranteed that the technology it invented in this regard could be used for things like Robots.

Gorman reported that the company has developers looking into the possibility of developing a robot that can follow its owners around the house. Exactly what it is there are no details. We think they want to develop the basics anyway to have a foothold in the future, so you'd rather find out the details later.

The touch-enabled MacBook is back in style

Apple has also developed an advanced device that sits on a table and uses a robotic arm to flip the screen. And that's exactly what makes us think of Gorman's rumor of a HomePod attached to an iPad with a robotic arm. Naturally, the “Android Screen” should be able to react to what the user does, without fully understanding what the point is. Apple, which has not yet reached an agreement among themselves on whether to launch the product or not, thinks the same thing.

There's no guarantee that any of the projects will become a reality, and the robot has been on and off Apple's product map several times, according to people familiar with the plans. Another interesting thing that Gorman barely mentions is a touch-enabled MacBook that could arrive in 2027.

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