That’s why it’s so cold

That’s why it’s so cold

In Norway, winter is in full swing, and a total of three cold records were broken in both Nordland and Nord-Trøndelag on Sunday. A low of 28.4 degrees Celsius was recorded in Majavatn in the municipality of Crane in Nordland.

But why is it so cold? The reason is very simple, meteorologists believe:

– There has been a lot of pressure on us for some time now. It brings clear weather, and then it cools down, meteorologist on duty Eiselin Skjervagen tells Talkbladet.

According to meteorologists, it is not yet certain how long the extreme cold will last.

Filming an incredible weather event

Temperatures will increase over the next few days

– It goes up and down a bit. Most parts of the country will experience slightly warmer temperatures for the next few days. Then it looks like it will get colder again this weekend.

But it won’t overheat, Skjervagen warns.

– It is impossible to carry your thick clothes. But some places don’t even have double-digit minus degrees, he says.

– Where would it be worse?

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– As a rule, interior areas are very cold in winter. The meteorologist explains that the ocean is a kind of hot water bottle for coastal dwellers.

Among others, the mountains in southern Norway will drop to minus 20 degrees in the next few days.

Cold shock in Europe: - Uncommon

Cold shock in Europe: – Uncommon

– Scattered snow showers

According to the meteorologist, Monday is very beautiful, with some precipitation in Hartland and Rogaland.

– Isolated snow showers in the mountains in southern Norway. On Tuesday, Skervagen says there will be a bit more snow in many places in southern Norway.

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Snow will continue in eastern Norway on both Wednesday and Thursday. On the other hand, it will be sunny and clear in Trendelák and the west coast.

– It’s Friday, it’s so beautiful everywhere. It will be cloudy in North-Eastern parts. The Oslo area, Kristiansand and Arendal seem to be the best.

Temperatures in Oslo on Friday will be minus four degrees, the meteorologist says.

– On Friday it will be slightly cooler again from Lillihammer and northwards to minus ten degrees.

Good in northern Norway

Northern Norway will be clear on Monday and Tuesday, but there will be some snow in eastern Finnmark and Helgeland in Nordland. The good weather will continue after Tuesday in northern Norway, but rain will continue in eastern Finnmark and the plains, the meteorologist says.

– It would be great on the beach. In Finland on Thursday, it will be between minus one and minus four or five degrees. Indoors and in trams, it can be minus ten degrees or less. Friday will be almost the same, but maybe a little warmer with zero degrees in Finnmark.

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