That’s why Tesla is raising the price of the Model Y.

That’s why Tesla is raising the price of the Model Y.

The price became 10,000 kroner overnight.

Increasingly expensive: now the Y costs more than 10,000 crowns, but then you do not have to think about whether you really need a towing bar.

Tesla prices can occasionally vary slightly over a short period of time, as exchange rates change or accessories are added or removed from cars. An observant reader contacted us after noticing that Model Y prices had risen by 10,000 overnight.

This means that the Model Y Long Range has risen from NOK 549,990 to NOK 559,990. The price of the Performance model has also increased, and is now just under 600,000 NOK.

Tek knows the reason for the higher prices is that towbar is now a standard. An additional hitch installation was provided before, for the same price that came to 10,000 kroner and which has now increased in price.

In the past, Tesla’s model lineup has made relatively big leaps based on other features like an autopilot accessory, different types of batteries, and adding things like heat pumps and automatic opening and closing of tailgates.

The fact that the krone exchange rate has also fluctuated very sharply in recent years has also affected Tesla’s prices as they have been adjusted according to the exchange rates.

Finally, we also have the pure price increases with less realistic explanations.

Prices fluctuated a lot and we often mentioned them multiple times. In March of this year, prices also rose several times in a few days.

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From 2023, the way electric cars are sold in Norway will change. The entire amount is then taxed, but the VAT is offset to the car price of NOK 500,000. In practice, this means that kroner over 500,000 kroner is subject to a value-added tax of 25%.

For the Model Y delivered next year, the price increase is NOK 12,500 with taxes on top. put another way; The long-range version was to cost 562.488 kroner with the addition of VAT to yesterday’s price of just under 550 thousand kroner. With the towbar as a “mandatory” accessory, the price of the car ends up being around 575,000 crowns.

A similar calculation for expensive electric cars can be found in this case.

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