That's why the fans rebelled against the club

That's why the fans rebelled against the club

– They are in good shape now that the club is doing well. But what happens when Pep leaves, what happens when Haaland leaves? If they don't take care of their core supporters, Dante says, they'll go back to empty seats.

He is the spokesman for the '1894' fan group, and invited Phil, Liam and Finn to the table with VG at 'The Townley' fan bar in the hours before the big match against Real Madrid.

The match ended in a Champions League exit on penalties, but this is a different match In reality We will talk about it. Fighting to be heard and recognized by the club that supports him.

They have something on their mind:

  • Season ticket prices have risen annually over the past twelve years, and especially a lot in the past four years. In March, the club announced that season ticket prices had risen by 5%, with the cost of some tickets rising by up to 11%.
  • It was not long ago that Manchester City announced record profits in the “treble” season, amounting to a little more than one billion crowns.
  • New season tickets are also not offered if someone stops purchasing – or dies. As a result, the number of season ticket holders has been steadily declining year after year. They are replaced by fans who buy tickets for individual matches.
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I'll follow you everywhere: That's the City fans' slogan, based on the song “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. Here are Manchester City and Real Madrid ahead of kick-off on April 17. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/NTP

– They are trying to replace us with a tourist who buys a group of hotels. “I have no problem with the club trying to make money, but do it in a way that doesn't ruin the atmosphere,” Dante says.

The fans' theory is that the club wants to piss off season ticket holders a bit, so they can be replaced by more lucrative fans: the visitors.

The club has begun work on the stadium, and a hotel will be built and its capacity expanded. but no To the delight of those who follow the club with a season ticket, the foursome suspects will meet at The Townley in the supporters bar.

All this at a time when the rising cost of living is being referred to as a crisis here in Manchester and England.

The sum of all this means they are protesting now.

It's about recognition

Being a City fan is largely about defending the club against attacks from rival fans, and defending the club they do.

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The club is accused of 115 financial offenses by the English Premier League, and the ownership itself from Abu Dhabi is controversial.

Dante, Phil, and the others stand on the fence of their club, believing in it wholeheartedly—and wanting more recognition for that. Witch hunt against the club, Dante says they're testing it.

– It might be the easiest PR trick in the world to say we've frozen ticket prices now as a thank you. Why would they piss people off for a few pounds? “It's about feeling appreciated,” Dante says.

Tribute to Phil Foden: Fans on the south side of the stadium did a 'tifo' for Phil Foden on the 192 bus route before the match against Real Madrid. The bus “runs” across the short side before the teams enter. Photograph: Karl Riessen/Reuters/NTB

The objection they often receive, also from VG, is what they're really complaining about – Manchester City have, after all, become one of the best teams in the world. Shouldn't it cost more to look at?

But that's not the point, we're learning.

-We do not get this recognition from the club. “It takes the luster out of the whole thing,” Dante says matter-of-factly.

It is also important to stress that the four VGs they are talking to are only a section of the supporters. Many are satisfied, and the vast majority do not protest.

However, Dante claims they only get nods of appreciation from fellow supporters after they raise their voices. And The athlete He wrote an in-depth article in March in which several supporter groups expressed their dismay.

Stop exploiting the United States: “Record profits, but record prices. “Stop exploiting our loyalty,” was the message from the south side of the stadium before the big match between Arsenal and Manchester City. The banner was taken down before the match and quickly removed. Photo: Jens Freberg

Support Guardiola

Finally, they decided to come clean. Before the match against Arsenal, they took down the above banner – which was quickly removed – before kick-off.

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-Don't do anything like this unless you have no other choice. I don't think the club was expecting a reaction, because it lives in its own bubble. Just give us back some loyalty, Dante says.

He believes the club leaders must live in a bubble if they do not understand why the protests are taking place now. “They live in a different world from us, unfortunately,” he sighs.

The club itself has not commented publicly on the dissatisfaction, nor did they respond to VG's inquiry on the matter. Initially, they explained the price hikes with inflation and increased operating costs on match days.

However, manager Pep Guardiola admitted he understood the fans' frustration ahead of the big game against Arsenal.

-I completely understand that. They will support us unconditionally. The team is the team, and we respect all opinions. I know it's a sensitive topic, but on Sunday they will be with us, Guardiola said in March.

Pep Guardiola
<-Pep Guardiola

Manager at Manchester City

In the years before the ownership change made Manchester City one of the best clubs in the world, their attendances were average Between 42 and 47 thousand.

It's respectable by any standards considering the capacity is 53,000 and the club will eventually go 35 years without a title.

And yet it is there Dante fears the club will decline if the success ends, and core fans do not feel appreciated.

– They must change their attitudes towards the Ansar. We feel like we are being taken seriously. They took it too far.

Can you hear my calls? This banner has been used on one long side on several occasions in big Manchester City matches. As previously mentioned, it plays to the Fleetwood Mac song “Everywhere”. The original text is “I want to be with you everywhere.” Photo: Dave Thompson/AP/NTP

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