The 20-year-old died after the Oslo shootings

The 20-year-old died after the Oslo shootings

The death of the 20-year-old man who was shot and killed outside Lovesrud School Thursday night has now been announced. The Oslo Police District wrote in a press release on Friday afternoon that relatives have been notified.

The investigation is now described as a murder investigation, as stated in the press release.

No one has been arrested in the case yet. An extensive investigation is underway with great resources, which continues today and over the weekend, Police Inspector Great Lien Maitlid told TV 2 Friday afternoon.

Police Inspector: Gret Lynn Mitlid, Head of Intelligence and Investigations (FEE) in the Oslo Police District. Photo: Nils Chr. Holst Sollie / TV 2

She says the police are still unable to say anything about the motive and background for the shooting.

– Several people were shot yesterday. The young man was injured and died today. It has been a difficult day for his family and relatives.

Still want tips

– Do you know who the culprit is? Could there be more participation?

– We don’t have the identity of the perpetrator. We do not rule out that there will be more participation.

The police inspector also says work is underway with interviews and witness surveys in the vicinity.

Scene: The shooting took place outside the Lofsrud school in Mortensrud in the Søndre Nordstrand district, at 22.22 Thursday night.

Scene: The shooting took place outside the Lofsrud school in Mortensrud in Søndre Nordstrand county, at 22.22 on Thursday night, Photo: Martin Leigland/TV 2

There is great commitment to the cause and a committed community. We still want advice and it is important that someone who knows something contact the police.

Serious issue

Police moved with several patrols to Mortensrud on Thursday night after a young man was shot. The first to arrive at the scene immediately began life-saving work.

The police held a press release on Friday morning to provide the latest developments in the case.

It is a very serious case and a serious situation, said Great Lane Mitlid in the Oslo Police District.

She also said that the police are now ready to face a serious case.

Several shooting incidents in public places

There have been several shooting episodes in Oslo recently. Metlid stresses that this type of case is a high priority, and says they put all the resources available.

– The situation is dangerous because there are shootings in public places where there are families, children and youth.

– This is very important

Don’t want to contact the environment

According to police information, several shots were fired.

“The way this is happening worries us, and we are concerned that such things could happen in a place like Mortensrud,” said the police inspector.

The shooting took place at Lovesrud School in Mortensrud. The man who died should not be a student at the school. Metlid doesn’t want to associate the 20-year-old with a private environment right now.

– Now he is upset in a criminal case, we do not enter it now.

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