The American company releases the official UFO report

The U.S. government has released a highly anticipated report on UFOs. Displays of aircraft objects between 2004 and 2021 are analyzed. An incident has now been resolved.

In the official document, the U.S. Working Group on UFOs analyzes UFO views and summarizes the results. Since most UAPs are recorded by multiple sensors, including radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon tracers, and visual surveillance, most UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) refer to physical objects. The term UFO has been changed by UAP in the United States to refer to unidentified aerial events.

After reviewing this information, the U.S. company focused on reports from military personnel, who are generally believed to be reliable. These reports describe the events that took place between 2004 and 2021, most of which occurred in the last two years. “We were able to identify a reported UAP with high level of commitment,” he said, adding that it was a large balloon.144 reports came from government sources. Of these, 80 were related to multi-sensor monitoring. Could not find evidence that this was a visit from space.

The United States classifies UFO events as sound disturbances, wind patterns, own developments in the aerospace industry, objects flying overseas companies and states, and “other causes.”

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