January 28, 2023


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The bot can write the test: – It is impossible to determine the size of the range

ChatGPT chatbot answers complex exam questions in seconds.

It was launched on November 30 this year – in the middle of the examination period for secondary schools, universities and colleges.

Last week, NRK wrote about sending the Norwegian National Education Association A message of interest to politicians in Parliament.

They were “very concerned about development and believe that in the long run it threatens the writing and reading skills of the population, democracy and the development of new ideas and knowledge.”

Several universities now say they have discovered the use of bots in connection with exams.

– Don’t tinker with this

– It’s demanding, says Ola Kvaløy, Dean of the Business School at the University of Stavanger, Ola Kvaløy.

Recently, it was discovered that a student had used the robot in an exam where all the aids were available.

Change: Ola Kvaløy from the University of Stavanger believes that new technology will change a lot. Photo: Marie von Krogh

– We are not equipped for this, so we have no opportunity to impose sanctions. All of the aids were legal for this exam, and this bot is kind of a help, says Kvaløy, who also says they probably won’t use this type of exam format again.

– The robot will probably change some things. Cavaloy anticipates that more unaided oral exams and exams are also likely.

Huge chance

Usually, exam answers are checked against software that checks that the text is not plagiarized. It is often called a “plagiarism check”.

Chatbot ChatGPT will give different answers each time you ask the same question. Therefore, many universities say they don’t think their systems will detect bot use.

The Vice-Chancellor for Education at the University of Agder, Morten Brecke, says that they have already held seminars on how they will deal with the super robot in the future.

The use of a robot has also been discovered at the University of Agder. The student is said to have used it to prepare for an exam.

Assistance: UiA's Morten Brikke believes the bot can be used as an assistant.  Photo: John Peter Thorsen

Assistance: UiA’s Morten Brikke believes the bot can be used as an assistant. Photo: John Peter Thorsen

– It is clear that the students are in it right away. It goes like wildfire. It’s completely impossible to say how big the band is, says Brick.

He also believes that the new technology has many positive aspects.

– I see it as a great opportunity. It’s exciting and it challenges us. We can compare it to when the graphing calculator came into being, or when you started using digital tools and exams. It may eventually become a teaching assistant, though it may not seem like it now, the deputy principal says.

You will not meet the requirements

But is using a bot legal? TV 2 asked:

Screenshot: ChatGPT

Screenshot: ChatGPT

TV2 has been in contact with nine universities and colleges. Most people answer pretty much like a bot.

Many also state that it is not allowed to present bot work as their own, and that the bot has not yet been tested within cheating regulations.

It is important to refer to sources in a correct way, says Kathryn Tveteras, Director of Education at the University of Tromsø. It says it is not enough to point to a bot as a source.

– An answer that uses a chatbot and refers to it, will not meet these requirements and will not pass either, Tveiterås writes for TV2.

The institutions themselves are the first body that can judge students for cheating.

A student can appeal to the Joint Appeals Board for Handling Appeals under the Universities and Colleges Act.

Time: Sveinung Skule believes it will take some time before the appeals board makes a decision on botnets.  Photo: Bård Gudim

Time: Sveinung Skule believes it will take some time before the appeals board makes a decision on botnets. Photo: Bård Gudim

Director of the Department for Higher Education and Competence, Sveinung Skule, believes it will take some time before they decide whether or not robots are allowed in exams.

– Universities and colleges are working continuously and well to prevent and avoid examination fraud of various kinds, and they will also have to do so when new technology such as chatbots appears, Skole wrote.

Cancellation of the exam

The Directorate of Education is responsible for examinations in secondary schools.

The director of administration at the Directorate of Education, Per Christian Larsen-Even, says that the use of a robot is not allowed.

For the exam, the student must prove his proficiency in the subject. The consequences of cheating or attempting to cheat are serious. The student canceled the exam and lost his permanent degree in the subject, and he can apply for the exam after one year at the earliest.

He says that this year’s exams were held before the robot was launched. Therefore, they are not aware of any cases where students have used the bot.

– In the long term, we believe that the tradition of examination should change further in line with the society around us and the development of technology. We will therefore experiment with new forms of examination that may be more suitable for showing students’ competence than we have today.

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