The bow is back –

The bow is back –

A few years ago, curved TVs were somewhat of a fad. It started with LG pulling an OLED panel to crush its LCD competitors. An OLED screen is actually just a film with luminous pixels on it and it can be bent and in some cases even twisted.

For a while they were the only ones who could offer curved screens, and the idea was that this should be like going to the movies, where the big screens are curved. A curved screen means moviegoers are seated roughly the same distance from the film. Of course, it depends on where you sit in the hall, but it works best in the middle.

And just like in the movies, so on TV. Here, the chance of being seated in front of you is greater. Of course, arch-rival Samsung teased.

So it didn’t take long before Samsung was able to produce curved LCD screens, which were heavily marketed. They sounded their horn more than LG did and drew a lot of sales. Until the customers discovered that this was complete nonsense. Previously flat screen TVs have taken up a lot of space again. So the adventure ended in two hectic years. Now it’s time to focus on 4K. The customer must have a carrot to access it.

Phoenix bird

But honestly: Now LG is pulling the bow back into the light. LG OLED Flex is a new 42-inch bendable model. This is a TV with a processor attached to it, but the gaming market will probably be the main focus. Here it may have something to do with it. The Flex features an automated bending function that transforms the screen from completely flat, like most screens, to encasing the operator to a much larger extent. The degree of bending can be adjusted in 20 steps up to what is known in technical terms as 900R. This means that such a large screen nicely fills the user’s entire field of view.

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LG OLED Flex comes with a roomy box on the back for connections and four speakers.

Although LED-based displays have advanced tremendously, OLED technology still has a few tricks up its sleeve. You barely get deeper blacks, and in games there’s a lot going on in dark scenes. The second is that the response time is phenomenal – and of course the color saturation is very good.

remote control

It is not only the bend that can be controlled via the remote control. You can also set the screen height to 140mm and the angle from 10° to 5° down.

Even if the screen is 42 inches, it is possible to get a smaller picture. It can be 32″ or 27″ either at the top, center or bottom of the screen. The point is that you can then sit closer, which is where a full overview of the entire screen is crucial.

with sound

LG has thought of more than just an image. Here we find dual front-facing elements with an output power of 40W and an integrated microphone with built-in echo cancellation. We also mention 4K Dolby Vision with 120Hz refresh rate and 4 HDMI 2.1 connectors. Which is certainly important to many: AMD FreeSync Premium for the best possible synchronization of image textures with the image source.

The price of this lavish view of the gaming world is NOK 29,990.

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