The camera in the bedroom will be the new reality for seniors – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

The camera in the bedroom will be the new reality for seniors – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Cameras, or what we call digital surveillance, is a service that we deploy if we see that some users need safety measures around the clock.

That’s what Anita Brhoegh Grudem says in the municipality of Lindesnes.

Here, they’ve come a long way in using technology at home for seniors.

Grødem explains that in recent months the municipality has invested in this technology in the homes of the elderly or the sick.

This may include installing a camera in the living room or bedroom.

This means that the home service does not have to make night visits as before to check that everything is in order.

It is important to have clear agreements

Health information is one of the most private things we have, and if cameras and sensors are used, very good evaluations must be done before using these solutions.

Jan Stang Dahl of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority thinks so.

It is mainly positive from the use of good social welfare technology in Norwegian municipalities.

The Danish Data Protection Authority’s job is to ensure that no one breaches personal data law.

In addition, they will protect people from violating privacy.

Stang Dahl believes that it is necessary to have clear agreements between the municipality and the person to be monitored before the proceedings begin.

Jean Stang D

Janne Stang Dahl is Director of Communications at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, and believes that good assessments are required before cameras can be used.

Photo: Trond Ledersen/NRK

Not everyone is able to agree

There is a big dilemma in this case, says Ragen Quinteros, president of the Norwegian Nurses Association in Agder.

She believes that the problem often arises when older people with dementia have to be monitored, and that they themselves are unable to articulate whether this is desirable or not.

Maybe this is the conversation we should be having now that we’re middle-aged, so all parties know how to act when the time comes,” Quinteros continues.

She believes the discussion is relevant to everyone.

Rani Quinteros

Ragne Quinteros from the Norwegian Nurses Association Agder believes that everyone should consider camera monitoring at home, for the future.

Photo: Per-Kåre Sandbakk/NRK

It should only be activated at certain times

The National Public Health Association is a patient organization that will protect the rights of people who need supervision.

Randy Keel is the association’s Director of Communications and believes that safety of the elderly should be a major focus.

It is important to take into account individual considerations, and that all sensors and cameras be activated only at the time and in the manner necessary.

Kiil expresses this clearly, and stresses that privacy should be protected in the best way possible.

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