Traffic and Ambulance | The ambulance drove into the trench

Traffic and Ambulance |  The ambulance drove into the trench

Emergency services headed to Ringvassøy early Saturday morning after a traffic accident was reported on County Road 863. The report said a car had swerved off the road.

The car turned out to be an ambulance with two people on board. Neither of them suffered serious injuries, but they were taken for a medical examination after disembarking.

Police said, “The ambulance was not on call and there was no patient with it.”

The police opened an investigation into the case.

“Further investigations are needed to unravel the sequence of events,” the Troms district police report.

He refused to leave the city center

The police also dealt with some incidents in the city during the night. And in Tromsø, a security guard was violently attacked by two people in the morning hours on Saturday. The guard was not physically injured. The police open a case.

Earlier in the night, what police referred to as a controversial guest was kicked out of a nightclub in Tromsø. The guest had little desire to leave the nightclub, but eventually complied with the police order to leave the center for the night.

Police confronted the man again in the city center after the order. Then a friend also intervened, which, according to the police, disturbed their work.

Party noise

The conclusion was the capture of both.

The former reportedly did not comply with police orders. The latter for his intervention and immediate disruption of the police’s work, “according to the Troms Police District.

In Harstad, the police had to go to a private address and suppress a party. Neighbors complained that they could not sleep on a summer night.

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