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Killed: Gabe Pettito, 22, was strangled to death, according to an autopsy report.

Almost a month after the Instagram adventurer was found dead, her parents can finally get her body back.


According to the American celebrity website TMZ The 22-year-old’s parents went to Wyoming, US, on Wednesday, where their daughter was found dead in a national park on Sept. 19.

Petito’s body must be cremated. They will take her ashes home in New York, TMZ reports.

It’s been several weeks since forensic scientists began investigating Pettito to determine how she died.

Yesterday came the conclusion: The cause of death was suffocation.

Teton County forensic pathologist Brent Blow announced at a news conference that he indicated the murder was committed “in a state of anger.”

The adventure ended in tragedy

The FBI in Wyoming Har Issue a federal arrest warrant On Pettito’s fiancé, Brian Laundry (23 years old).

Laundry has no status as a suspect or accused of the murder, but the FBI says he used Pettito’s bank card without permission during the time she disappeared.

According to the FBI, the card must be used to withdraw more than $1,000 USD on August 30 and September 1, writes Fox News.

According to the autopsy report, the 22-year-old’s body must have been outdoors for at least three to four weeks before it was found on September 19.

The coroner believes she was most likely killed after August 25, when she spoke to her mother via FaceTime.

On the road: The couple drove the US on a mobile home this summer.

Receive a text message

However, the last sign of the daughter’s life came via a text message sent on August 30.

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The next day, Laundry returned to her family’s home in Florida alone.

Pettito’s family said they suspected the daughter had sent the letter.

The couple spent the summer on the country road in the USA, and together they shared sunny glimpses of the adventure on social media.

Despite the idyllic images, the two young betrothed are said to have quarreled so badly on the trip that someone outside a store in Moab, Utah, reported the police.

– It’s a guy hitting a girl, the person who called 911 must have said, according to Fox News.

The family reported Pettito’s disappearance on September 11th. Shortly thereafter, on September 14, Laundry also disappeared.

The most important dates in the case

Here’s what we know about the couple’s road trip:

  • July: Pettito and Londry travel on a road trip from her hometown of Long Island, New York. Then they drove for the first time from Florida. According to the BBC The trip took four months.
  • 12. August: Police arrested the couple in Moab, Utah. One witness reported seeing something that could have been a violent accident in the car. The couple told the police that they were arguing, but no one was violent.
  • 24. August: Pettito talking to his mother in a video chat. She says they travel from Utah to Teton, Wyoming.
  • 25- August: Pettito shares her latest Instagram post: “Happy Halloween,” she wrote, while posing with a pumpkin.
  • 27 – August: Pettito and his mother text each other. The family believes she was in Teton.
  • 30. August: The family received a final message from Gabi Pettito’s phone number: “No coverage in Yosemite,” which is the name of a California national park – 130 miles southwest of Teton, where she was said to have been found dead. The Pettito family does not believe that Gabe sent this message.
  • 1. September: Brian Laundry returns home to North Port, Florida in a couple’s RV.
  • September 11: Pettito’s family in New York has reported her missing, as they do not contact her.
  • 14. September: Laundry’s family says this is the last time they saw him. Now it is also missing.
  • 19. September: A person was found dead in Teton, Wyoming. The FBI says the results agree with Pettito, but they can’t provide 100 percent confirmation until the autopsy is completed.
  • 20. September: Police are searching the Laundry family’s home in Northport.
  • September 21: The Pettito family’s attorney confirmed that Gabe Pettito was found dead in Teton, Wyoming.
  • 24. September: The FBI is looking for Brian Laundry on a federal arrest warrant.
  • October 12: Forensic pathologist Brent Blue of Teton County confirms suffocation as the cause of death.
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