The farmer had enough – stopped the Russian bus with the tractor

The farmer had enough – stopped the Russian bus with the tractor
Stopped Russ: A local man on a tractor stopped a Russian bus returning to Santnes around three o’clock in the morning on Saturday.

The peasant thinks he has taught the Russian a lesson. The Russian believes he created a dangerous situation. The police have warned not to take the law into their hands.

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On Saturday night, Russebus Nattbuzzen in Sandnes had an unpleasant encounter with a frustrated farmer on his way home at three o’clock in the morning.

The Russian gang told VG they had turned down the music. Suddenly they see a tractor on the road.

– We see a tractor coming down the road, don’t understand anything, then he backs straight towards us. He stops suddenly in front of the bus and a woman tells VG.

VG has seen the photographs on which the markings on the tractor have been recorded. The tractor has a large rock on the back of the fork and stands directly in front of the bus.

– I thought he was going to crush the whole front. It was very embarrassing, she says.

– Are you scared?

– Yes, very much, she says.

Cover hidden: The registration number of the tractor is hidden.

The Russian mob believes the farmer has created a dangerous situation and wants to report him after the situation arose a few kilometers east of Sandnes.

– We explained that we wanted to go home. We rejected the sound and wanted to pass. He smiled at us. We had to back up.

Police are warning

Olaug Bjørnsen, operations manager of the police in the south-west, confirmed that complaints had been received about loud music from Russian buses from a nearby car park on Saturday night. They have not received any report about the tractor collision.

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– Russian buses must accept that this is a night train. Some frustration is understandable, but he cautions people not to take the law into their own hands.

He does not want to discuss the behavior of the Russians, and reminds Sandnes that only a short time has passed since the Russian baptism.

— It is not unusual for us to receive news from well-known places where they stand. The Russians have no place to stay, they are moved when we get complaints, she says in general terms.

– enough

The farmer confesses to Viji that he closed the road to end the noise of the Russians. He says he told the Russian to call the police, but believes he’s not one to shut up.

– I closed the road, plain and simple. Farmer tells Viji that I have enough.

– But isn’t that a bit violent? Russian says they are scared?

– Yes, it was a small thing. Now they have learned their lesson, he says.

He says that buses pass through the village at that time with a loud noise that wakes both people and animals. Then they return by the same route in four hours as per the farmer.

– After five or six years of sleepless nights, week after week, month after month we get tired. He tells VG that now the noise will last for eight weeks and the police are powerless.

He says the police’s fight against Russian riots is like a fight between a cat and a mouse, where the rat always wins.

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– The sound goes so far into the fir barn. The Russian sits inside the bus, not knowing how far that sub-sound travels, he says.

He says ten to fifteen buses ply in an evening. He says someone in the village sprayed cow dung on the Russian mob last year, but says he wasn’t the one who did it.

– Do you think what you did was work?

– I think it works very little. I think the group that came yesterday learned. Unfortunately, he says, many groups have to be pulled down.

They laugh at the townspeople

The farmer says he taped the registration number on the tractor to avoid anonymity.

– But you did it right?

– They scare me too. We have dreams and cows jump over fences in fear. It goes beyond game and birds. It’s breeding time and estrus, and they’re disturbed, he says.

He says he understands there is a new breed of Russians, but says they have to deal with the same noise every year.

– I read last week on McJarwick complaining about the noise and getting a “haha” note. He says that now the townspeople are enjoying the madness even with their own children.

– Do you want to repeat this or is it correct now?

– No, I stop them every night. They should come, I will come with a tractor. Manure spreaders are also ready. It’s not just me. It’s the whole village, he says.

– Dangerous

The women on the Russian bus understand that the noise is hard on the locals, but think the farmer went too far.

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– I understand that Russians make noise and that it’s stupid for those who live in those areas, but not everyone is so irresponsible. Our driver always reduces noise in dense areas. One of them tells VG that we can’t be responsible for everyone not doing it, it’s so stupid to lump everyone under one umbrella.

– We explain very calmly that we want to go home, he adds:

– He had tape over his identity. He knew he was doing something wrong. Putting people at risk is stupid. Damage to the bus is one thing, he says, but people can also be damaged.

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