June 9, 2023


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The first lightning-fast SSD based on PCIe 5.0 is coming soon

The first lightning-fast SSD based on PCIe 5.0 is coming soon

The first PC processors to support PCI Express 5.0 (PCIe 5.0) appeared on the market this fall. Currently, there are not many expansion modules available that can take advantage of the new speeds, but this is likely to change very quickly.

Among other things, during the spring it will be possible to purchase hard drives with support for PCIe 5.0, which is 2 times faster than PCIe 4.0.

Regarding the upcoming CES 2022 electronics trade show, at least Adata and Samsung have announced that these products will be on display during the trade show.

There is a lot of so-called “vaporware” – prototypes of products that never hit the market – on display during CES. but at least Samsung lover Mass production will start during the first quarter of 2022.

server product

The Samsung device is called the PM1743 SSD, it is based on the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) interface and is for servers. It is based on the company’s 6th generation V-NAND flash memory and has been tested in collaboration with Intel to solve some of the initial challenges with PCIe 5.0 use.

The upcoming SSD will be able to offer a sequential read speed of 13 GB per second, and a random read speed of 2.5 million IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second). According to Samsung, this is 90 and 70 percent faster than current PCIe 4.0-based products, respectively.

The Samsung PM1743 SSD will likely go on sale in the spring. Photo: Samsung

As usual, write speeds are slightly lower, and sequential write speeds at 6.6 gigabits per second, and an arbitrary write speed of 250,000 IOPS, are 70 and 90 percent faster than PCIe 4.0, respectively, according to Samsung.

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In addition, the new solid-state drive will be 30 percent more energy efficient.

SSD- Prototype of the Adata Blackbird Project
And the Adata Project Blackbird isn’t slowing down. Photo: Adata

The SSD will come in several different versions, with storage capacities ranging from 1.92TB to 15.36TB. It will also come in two different form factors, the traditional 2.5-inch and the newer 3-inch EDSFF (the standard form factor for an enterprise and data center).

For lightning fast computers

Solid state drives like Adata must appear, far from ready for production. They are two prototypes, Project Nighthawk and Project Blackbird, both based on the M form factor. 2. Project Nighthawk is the fastest. It is based on the Silicon Motion SM2508 controller and will provide a sequential read speed of up to 14Gbps and a sequential write speed of up to 12Gbps.

Project Blackbird reads at the same speed, but should be a little slower to write – up to 10 GB per second.