The Ice Hockey Association slaughters after the holiday: – Very amateur

The Ice Hockey Association slaughters after the holiday: – Very amateur
The Ice Hockey Association slaughters after the holiday: – Very amateur

Sports lawyer Gunnar Martin Keener thinks Eddy’s hamstrings would have a great case if he took up the fight after being expelled from the Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation.


It’s been a week and a half since Eddie was asked to resign from his position as the union’s general secretary. Ice hockey president Tag Petersen explained to VG that Eddie no Chapter has been received.

– Petersen said instead: – We ask him to resign.

VG can now confirm that Ottar Eide has retained a lawyer in this case.

– Eddie has a great case. It’s almost like a run-in, says sports lawyer Gunnar Martin Keener.

He himself has no role in the case, but stresses that “asking someone to resign” is not a legal term.

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– This was handled very amateurishly by the Ice Hockey Federation. They did not have access to lawyers. And Kejner believes that when they then appoint someone else to the position, it’s tantamount to firing.

Being kicked out in all the publicity: Otar Ede was once the general secretary of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association.

The Ice Hockey Association wrote early on that Peter Salsten had been appointed as the new general secretary.

This was later removed From the syndicate issue online. According to Tag Petersen, the reason is that they wanted to wait until all the agreements had been implemented.

– I would like to clarify that no resignation has been submitted. It is only said that there is a lack of trust between the Board of Directors and the Secretary General. This means that until further notice, the Secretary-General is obligated to report to business as usual and carry out his duties, as Taji Petersen says today – in the face of information in this case.

The Society’s online issue still contains an address, called the URL, which contains the words “Peter Selstein Appointed General Secretary”.

I do not agree

Taji Petersen did not discuss financial matters with Ottar Eddie before he was informed of the board’s decision. Ten days later, the two parties have not yet announced their agreement.

– There are very strict formal requirements regarding dismissal. Among other things, a discussion meeting should be held, called by the employer, so that the employee’s opinion can be heard. This way you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and lawsuits, says Gunnar Martin Keener.

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Embarrassed: Attorney Gunnar Martin Jenner.

Termination must also be in writing. Otar Edi believes that if he takes legal action within four months, the court will declare the dismissal invalid.

Attorney Andreas Messelt-Eker has experience in both sports law and labor law. He does not know the specific case in detail and therefore asserts that he is speaking on a general basis:

The Ergonomics Act also applies to sports. It is often forgotten by various clubs and associations. If you want to get rid of the employee, you must follow the usual procedural rules according to the law. There are formal requirements that must be followed. If they don’t, he says, the employee has a good case.

– There is a dialogue between the two parties, so I do not wish to provide more details about this process, says Taji Petersen.

Otar Eddie does not wish to comment on this matter.


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