The international referee believes United should not get away with it too cheaply

The international referee believes United should not get away with it too cheaply

In Sunday’s meeting between Liverpool and Manchester United, referee Andy Madley added just three minutes of extra time at the end of the second half. It is possible that he did it to allow the away team to come out more humiliated than necessary at 7-0, but now he is being criticized for not following the rule book.

In addition to a number of player substitutions and match stops, six goals were scored in the second half, and the valid extra time according to the rulebook should have been much more than the three minutes added. This is the opinion of the chief international referee of FIFA, refereeing legend Pierluigi Collina.

Last weekend, there were ten Premier League matches, four of which lasted more than 100 minutes in total. There might have been two more, but at 7-0 against Liverpool and 4-0 against Brighton at West Ham the referee may have chosen to add less time than was correct, according to him. times.

can be decisive

Collina believes that the referee should not take the score into account when adding extra time, especially in tournaments where goal difference can be decisive for table position at the end.

Scored six goals in the second half at Anfield. I can understand it would be difficult to properly add extra time to a 7-0 lead in such a match. But if the rules in the tournament say that goal difference matters in the end, then one result from or to can mean a lot, says Collina.

However, in the future, there may be a rule that means Madley will carry Culina and the rulebook in his back when he hasn’t added up for long. Baseball is a sport that has what’s called a “mercy rule” where games end early if a team leads by a certain number of points.

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– Perhaps in the future we will say that you do not need to add time in a match where the team leads a certain number of goals, but in this case it will be introduced as a rule, says Collina.

World Cup example

The Times writes that a Premier League match has an effective playing time of 55 minutes on average. During the World Cup in Qatar, where Collina ordered the referees to add more time, matches lasted an average of 60 minutes.

Last week, FIFA coach Gianni Infantino came out and suggested that in club football it might now be planned to add more extra time, as we saw in the World Cup, where a number of minutes were added to matches. . This is Anfield He writes that it will be introduced already from July 1.

Most fans would probably cheer if there were more efficient playing time in matches, but players’ organization FIFPRO is concerned about the increased pressure it will put on players.

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