The iPhone 16 has already been revealed in an early test build of iOS 18

The iPhone 16 has already been revealed in an early test build of iOS 18

September is not like that So A long time ago, although it may seem like it with the snow falling and freezing temperatures outside.

No iPhone Ultra has been leaked yet

But also the tradition is that Apple leaks happen very early and in this regard, 2023 is certainly no exception. After all, we knew almost everything about the iPhone 13 and 14 before they launched, and now we pretty much know which models will launch in September 2024 as early as Christmas 2023.

Apple has named iOS 18 “Crystal” as its internal codename. What's even more interesting is that there are no references to the 'iPhone Ultra', which has been rumored several times. However, this does not mean that Pro models no Get bigger screens, it's still waiting.

so what He is Revealed in iOS 18? Yes:

  • iPhone 16 – D47
  • iPhone 16 Plus – D48
  • iPhone 16 Pro – D93
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max – D94

A18 and A18 Pro

Of course, an Ultra model may appear, but this model will likely get the product name D95 or D94a. MacRumors didn't see any references to it in early iOS 18 code with references to hardware. Speaking of hardware, it's no surprise that the new models will use the A18 chip.

What's surprising is that according to the law, it should every one of them The models use the new chip that Apple refers to as the D4y internally. This is a new strategy, as the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus use the A16 chip and not the A17 chip. However, D4y is the name of the base models, while the 16 Pro models are equipped with D9x. The A18 is therefore the base system for all models, but with differences, we are currently not aware of improvements beyond MHz in favor of the Pro models. MacRumors logically points out that Apple will likely end up using the A18 and A18 Pro branding on all four models.

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In addition to what has already been revealed, there are references to Broadcom's WiFi and Bluetooth chips, which is not surprising. It's pretty surprising what we already know, and we're hoping for more leaks to come in the coming months. Perhaps already during the spring we will have a fairly complete picture of the new iPhone models and perhaps a less expensive version of the Vision Pro called Vision.

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