The iPhone 16’s big feature may have been revealed

The iPhone 16’s big feature may have been revealed

The big thing about iOS 18 and iPhone 16 is almost certainly AI.

Siri with LLM is sure to debut in iOS 18

We’ve written a lot about how weak Siri is compared to competitors, and we won’t overly repeat that this time, but the truth is that Apple is lagging behind. Tim Cook has already talked about artificial intelligence in connection with the M3 launch. The company’s global marketing head did the same thing yesterday regarding 8GB vs. 8GB. The 16 GB RAM controversy.

Cook says AI is already a key part of many Apple products, including crash and fall detection, and while that’s not a mistake, it’s Siri’s front and center feature that hasn’t seen much of a boost yet.

The new Siri will be able to do this

That’s supposed to change starting with iOS 18. We previously heard Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talk about this, more specifically that Apple is testing large language models internally. Gorman stated that Siri will eventually become an LLM assistant.

More specifically, Gorman says that iOS 18 with the new Siri will be able to automatically complete sentences more efficiently and not least answer more complex questions. Auto-generated Apple Music playlists and integration into Pages and Keynote are also on the way. The question now is which iPhone models will be able to use the new AI functions.

Google and Apple launch almost simultaneously

If that happens with iOS 18 in September 2024, Apple won’t suddenly be far behind Google, which in early October announced the “Bard Assistant.” We wonder if Apple will keep the Siri brand name, or add something.

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Now there are more leaks related to Siri. @Tech_Reve at

This makes sense regardless of whether the leaker has inside sources

“Integrated development efforts are actively underway, and the first product is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2024, with plans for it to be standard on iPhone 16 models and beyond.”

We don’t know the leaker, but you don’t have to be the head of Apple to understand that Apple needs to do something with Siri, and that it’s only natural that they’ll announce it in the summer of next year so it’s ready. For iOS 18 and iPhone 16 series in September 2024.

The iPhone 16 will almost certainly get an additional function button that will be capacitive – perhaps it will be dedicated to the new LLM-Siri?

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