The Jeep Avenger won a prestigious award – customer rejected

The Jeep Avenger won a prestigious award – customer rejected

Sometimes going green becomes almost comical, as with the introduction of the new Jeep Avenger in Europe.

59 European automotive journalists from 22 countries named the Jeep Avenger – in electric version – Car of the Year in January 2023, clearly ahead of the Volkswagen ID. buzz.

Of course, it was the electric version that won. The fossil variant wasn’t even in the photo for the competition, and was only to be sold in Italy and Spain.

It will be sold with a petrol engine in England

Seven months later, the situation is very different: Jeep has confirmed to Autocar that the Avenger will be sold with a petrol engine in the British Isles.

And Automotive News can report that sales of petrol cars are also underway in Poland, France and Germany.

price issue

The reason, of course, is what customers can afford – in countries with much lower average incomes than Norway – and a completely different tax system than here.

Because while the petrol version starts at €27,000, the electric version with the same equipment level costs from €42,000 in Germany.

From January to May, 7,214 Avengers were sold in Europe, of which 6,252 were petrol cars. There are currently approximately 30 registered Norwegian Revengers, all of whom are electric.

This article was first published in Finansavecin engine.

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