To get rid of acne

To get rid of acne

She cried when she looked in the mirror and didn’t dare to go out in public. Then the pipe took on a different sound:

Courtney Jones, now 21, opens up about how she got her life back on track after years of major skin problems.

was bullied

– I can’t go out without multiple layers of makeup on my face. But even then I was very shy.

This is what the 21-year-old from Sheffield, England told the Jam Press news agency.

As a 15-year-old girl, she had a sudden outbreak of acne that never went away.

– It itched and burned. Eventually, my skin broke out in boils and sore pimples All Face, she adds.

This is followed by full rage

The teenager was soon diagnosed with acne – inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the skin.

According to Norwegian Health Information You can get superficial acne characterized by blackheads or more serious acne that leaves soft bumps and scars.

For Jones, the latter turned out to be the reality. For years, she had large, sore boils and bumps on her face, as well as a cluster of pimples that caused a lot of discomfort.

Jones says many of his fellow students bullied him for his skin:

– They called me “pizza nose”, “meat cake” and other horrible things. I had a hell of a time. People who don’t suffer from acne never understand how bad it is, she says.

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I took it to TikTok

After years of acne, Jones decided she couldn’t sit back and let her teenage years pass her by. She had to take action.

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A young woman created a TikTok account Focus on skin problems. She wanted to enlighten the uninitiated – while helping others in the same boat.

Every week, the 21-year-old posts tips and tricks to her 996,000 followers. According to Jam, he has helped many young people who have struggled with self-image and self-confidence because of their skin.

She herself has come a long way in her skin journey, and tells the news outlet that her acne problems have actually subsided.

– I tested countless skin cleansers and creams. It took time, but I finally found what works for me, she tells Jam, and the most important thing is to “love yourself, no matter what.”

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