The man who opened fire at a police station in Asan was arrested

The man who opened fire at a police station in Asan was arrested

On Thursday last week, bullet holes were found at the Bergen Nord police station in Asan.

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On Thursday, police in Eidsvåg carried out an operation after last week’s shooting at the Bergen Nord police station.

A man in his 30s has been arrested. The police operation was without drama. He has been charged with threatening police with a firearm and is in custody.

“The arrest will be followed by search and interrogation. “The goal of the investigation is to establish whether or not that person had anything to do with the shooting,” police wrote in a press release.

The man was known to police and had a previous criminal conviction.

At least five scenes

At least five shots were fired at the station, according to police. There were many employees in the building this evening.

Police believe a Colt pistol was used, they said Thursday. The reason for the firing was not clarified.

Police walked out with the wanted man, a thin-skinned man with a “bit of a belly.” This man should have been observed in front of the station this evening. It is not known if the arrested person is the same person.

Forensic technicians examined outside the Bergen Nord police station where the shooting allegedly took place.

No video surveillance

Police initially had few leads. Video surveillance is not required when the station is set up. The police said that it will now be re-examined.

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An employee who spoke to PT expressed concern about the day-to-day life of staff at the station.

– They talk about values ​​in the building, but I would say that about 30 people who work there are of great value. It is good that there is no formal requirement for monitoring, but what is the value to the employees? asks the concerned person.

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