The mother accused: She locked the children up and went on a cruise

The mother accused: She locked the children up and went on a cruise

The mother from Houston is facing more than one problem after she embarked on a cruise from Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico, earlier this month.

Before leaving, she must have locked her son (8) and daughter (6) in the apartment in one of the luxury high-rise buildings in Houston where she lives, the Cruise News Service wrote. cruise cell.

It was vigilant neighbors who alerted Harris County District 5 Social Services. They saw her leaving with the luggage on Thursday, April 4, but without the children. When she did not return, they raised the alarm.

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When authorities entered the apartment on April 9, they found the young man's 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone in conditions that were not safe at all. The house was a mess, and the smell of urine and food scraps was scattered throughout the high-rise apartment.

The children said that their mother went on a cruise.

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It is not known what type of cruise the 29-year-old was on. Photo taken from Groove Cruise Miami 2014 on board Norwegian Pearl. These cruises with DJs from all over the world have been an annual event for a maximum of 21 years. Image: Dreamtime

Horror scenarios

– These children were left unattended for several days. They are put at risk by having to take care of themselves and feed themselves – and what if someone breaks into the house? What if he is a bad neighbor? Keegan Childers, lead prosecutor in the district court, told ABC13 News there are a number of horror and nightmare scenarios that could arise.

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The children were relatively healthy when firefighters entered the apartment. They were later handed over to a family member.

It is not yet clear what the scandalous adventurous mother experienced during the week alone on the cruise. Specific details of the ship and other ports visited are unknown.

It is monitored via the web

But she left the webcam on and used the phone to check on her kids while she enjoyed her time on the cruise.

-We are still gathering facts and circumstances as to how these children were left alone for several days. The most important thing is that they are safe now, and those responsible for leaving these children in an unsafe situation must be held accountable, says Police Officer Ted Heap.

Police arrested the 29-year-old mother when she returned home from her cruise vacation on April 10.

She is now accused of leaving young children to themselves.

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