The name is “Apple Intelligence” – ITavisen

The name is “Apple Intelligence” – ITavisen

Mark Gurman continues to reveal Apple's as-yet-unknown plans ahead of next Monday's big WWDC event.

“Apple Intelligence” is the company's brand name for its new artificial intelligence platform

We reported this morning, also from Bloomberg, that Apple will be launching its own password manager for all operating systems, and now the same Apple journalist has revealed that the company's AI platform is being dubbed “Apple Intelligence.” This system will work on “new versions” of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac — Gurman previously stated that you'll need an iPhone 15 Pro and above to take advantage of the latest features, and an M1 Mac or iPad.

For example, people will be able to ask Siri to delete an email, edit a photo, or summarize a news article. Over time, Apple will expand this to include third-party apps and allow users to combine multiple commands together into one. However, these features are unlikely to arrive until next year.

Mark Gurman, Apple journalist, Bloomberg

As has long been revealed, OpenAI's Sam Altman is expected to unveil a collaboration with Tim Cook, as Apple has not progressed significantly on its LLM programs. This is strange considering they were the first to use the mobile assistant Siri in 2010, but since the company doesn't have a search engine and markets itself as privacy-first, there were problems getting started, and disagreements over whether the company should include a chatbot Absolutely.

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Half of the company's main event on Monday at 19:00 will be about AI functions. In addition to AI, Apple will unveil iOS 18 that can be further organized as the user wants the home screen with colored app icons for category groups and the option to place app icons where you want them on the home screen.

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As for the AI ​​functionality, it is classified as experimental, and users must activate the platform if they want to test.

The Mail app is also getting a big upgrade. It will include a Gmail-like feature that automatically categorizes incoming messages. The Settings app on iPhone, iPadOS, and macOS is updated to improve navigation and improve search. Apple will also introduce new wallpapers.

Mark Gurman, Apple journalist, Bloomberg

It has been shown before:

  • Conversations with Siri just got more natural, including improved Siri on Apple Watch
  • Apple's “proactive intelligence” is supposed to help users throughout the day – it includes an automatic summation of notifications on the iPhone
  • News article summaries and text-to-speech in Notes
  • Auto-complete calendar entries
  • Recommend applications
  • AI-based image editing in Apple Photos (seems to be no more advanced than Adobe Photoshop in the latest version)
  • Improve lights
  • Suggestions for answers in emails and messages

Siri will be able to:

  • Open specific documents
  • Move notes from one folder to another
  • Delete email
  • Summarize an article
  • Send a link via email
  • Open a specific newspaper in Apple News

Artificial intelligence in applications:

  • Smart answer: It allows users to respond to messages and emails with automatically generated text responses.
  • Text and summary: New AI tools for Notes let users edit audio in the app, transcribe audio, and summarize text.
  • Math notes: Support for correct mathematical notation in Notes with Calculator integration. Math Notes allows Notes to learn about mathematical equations, come up with solutions, and create graphs.
  • Mathematics predictions in keyboard: Math input improvements that enable completion of complex mathematical expressions when recognized as part of text input, similar to predictive text or inline text completion.
  • cleaning: Remove objects from photos with generative AI. This tool will replace Apple's current “Retouch” function.
  • Generative playground: An app that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit photos using the iMessage app extension. It's currently only designed for Apple's internal testing environments, but it says there are plans to let users create photos and then share them via iMessage. This may be related to rumored plans to allow users to create custom emojis.
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