Applications that help you keep your New Year’s resolutions – Guide

Apps that help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

It’s not just about acquiring a new habit.

2022 has arrived and many have set different goals for this year. Many of the goals set are often related to body, health, and weight, and every January, gyms experience massive member growth.

But no matter what type of goal you set, you won’t get far if you only change your lifestyle for a month or two. You have to change your habits, and it will take more time and effort than you think.

You’ve probably heard the old saying “there’s an app for that!” And, of course, this also applies to habits. And let’s get it straight from the start: an app can’t do all the work for you. But there are many apps that can help you change your habits, making them more fun to perform and hopefully easier to remember.

We have put together a few apps that will not only help you set new goals, but also stick to the plan and carry out new tasks day in and day out.

We start with the Done mobile app, which will make it easy to set goals, track progress, and motivate you to stick to the plan you’ve set.

Different goals you set get different colors in the app, and you can draw both things you want to avoid (like eating candy or buying coffee on the way to work), or things you want to do (25 presses a day or go to bed before 11 A.m).

You can also enter time periods, the days in which different things should be avoided, and whether the goals have an expiration date.

You are rewarded in the app every time you complete one of the sub-goals, and you can continue if you have “streaks” – that is, when you complete the goal several times in a row, without interruption – so that you are more motivated to keep going.

Done is only available on iOS and can be downloaded at Its App Store.

  • Free to download and you can place and track it Three free goals. In addition, it costs 319 kroner in the first year of subscription, and then 639 kroner in the first year.

The steps do exactly the same thing as Done, but they are grouped together a little differently. You can track anything you want and create your perfect routine for the day, and the app helps you keep track of your schedule from morning to evening.

There’s more focus on infographics and overviews here than Done, but if you’re the kind of person who likes it, this is probably the app you should consider.

Strides is also available on iOS only, and can be downloaded from App Store.

  • Free to download and you can place and track it Seven Free Goals. In addition, it costs NOK 55 for a month, or NOK 305 for a year or NOK 849 for a lifetime subscription.

As the name suggests, Streaks focus on motivating you to maintain your goals by keeping the “lines”. Where Strides offers massive amounts of charts and data, Strides is just the opposite. Simple infographics, large icons, and a straightforward overview.

This seems like a solid app to start with to many, as it doesn’t have a subscription solution – but it costs 59 kroner to download the first time – and you can only track 12 targets.

Streaks is available on both iOS and macOS, and can be downloaded at App Store.

  • It costs 59 kroner, but there is no subscription service or other operating costs.

A simple and straightforward application for Android users, which the developers themselves write, is designed to make it easier to track and implement goals as possible, without a lot of extra stuff in the app. Here, for example, there are no social sharing buttons that allow you to brag about the goals you have set, precisely because this is a personal journey that you have to take. “You are completely alone with your habits,” they wrote.

Grow is available for Android and can be downloaded at Play Store for her.

  • Free to download, 11 kr to unlock all functions.

Habitica is probably the most fun way to build new habits, but we don’t know if it’s the most effective.

Because here they have really taken their “manipulation” to new heights in the form of you creating a little 8-bit game avatar, which gets stronger every time you do chores. You start by deciding what type of target you want and what your avatar should be called. Everyone starts out as “Level 1 – Warrior”. If you complete your objectives, the various attributes of your character will become stronger, and gradually rise to the “Level”. At level 10, you can choose classes other than just the warrior.

This is ridiculous, but for anyone who has been addicted to RPGs knows that you rarely need a lot of motivation to level a character than see the numbers go up. If you can combine this with actually completing daily goals, you have an unbeatable combination.

Habitica is available for both iOS And AndroidIt is free to download, but also comes with a subscription solution. 55 kr for one month, 165 kr for three months, 329 kr for 6 months or 529 kr for 12 months.

Do you use other apps to motivate you or to maintain the goals you’ve set? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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