The new iPhone button will be unique

The new iPhone button will be unique

The new iPhone button is expected to debut on the iPhone 15 Pro models, which serves as the multifunction button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Will it continue this year?

There have been many rumors about the iPhone Ultra as well, but we haven’t heard anything about that lately. Again, the focus is on the new button, which will therefore be able to mute sound on the new models, but also on the fact that the buttons are meant to be entirely digital without a physical click – meaning you’ll be able to program them. At the same time, we’ve heard that Apple had to postpone the entire button project, but of course that hasn’t been confirmed or denied.

In addition to the new button, the power button and volume button are located slightly lower on the iPhone 15 Pro, and the USB C input port is slightly larger. In addition to the titanium body, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to have telescopic zooms for longer ranges without having to resort to digital trickery.

This year, iPhone buttons are smart and can do more:

It’s another leak from the same MacRumors forum member as earlier today. It’s now been revealed that what was previously a digital touch mute slider will be able to do a lot more, just as you can tap the back of an iPhone to perform a variety of tasks. The tasks that become possible with the new button are similar, including muting, taking a screenshot, bringing up the camera, light/dark theme, do not disturb and rotation lock.

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“The volume buttons can seem to become sensitive to how hard you press them. Somehow, you can instantly increase or decrease the volume by pressing hard.”

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