They use your battery

They use your battery

This can happen even when you’re not using your mobile phone, the Mirror writes.

In your settings, you can see which apps are consuming most of your power, and here you can prevent them from automatically updating in the background all the time.

Even this tip may not solve the problem forever, as there may still be some apps consuming your power. A tech expert has now revealed the two apps that can quickly drain your phone’s battery.

It’s not one of the big social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram, as many might guess.

Sacrificing the two apps could help, Zeeshan Arif, founder and CEO of software company Whizpool, told She Finds.

The first app you should delete is the popular fitness app Fitbit, which the manager points out is a big energy hog.

“The app is great for tracking fitness and sleep, but it’s also a huge battery drainer. If you have a new iPhone, deleting this app will save you hours of battery life,” he said.

The second application on the list of technology experts is Skype. The communications app was once the leader in the video calling market, but at the beginning of the lockdown, when video calls became essential for many, Zoom overtook Skype.

“If you want to save as much power on your phone as possible, don’t use Skype.”

Instead, he recommended other types of applications.

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