June 2, 2023


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Mina Gerhardsen

The Norwegian sport has taken the first step towards a potential Olympic application – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– This is a clear yes, but with some reservations. Mina Gerhardson, chairwoman of the executive committee at Tromsø, said the clear message was that it would benefit the entire game.

The Norwegian Sports Confederation (NIF) continues to evaluate the new Norwegian application for the Winter Olympics and PL, despite the low response rate.

– We invite the game widely to provide input, attend meetings and hearings. Then not everyone chose to participate. This means we do not have all the votes in this round, but we see that there is a very consistent consistency in the input we receive, which gives a clear majority, says Herhardson.

Both round, special federations and sports teams have been asked. Volunteer actors, organizers and veterans are also involved in the work. But according to sports leader Perit Kajol, only a few responded.

– The survey is based on specific answers 15 special associations and 8 sports clubs. We have a total of 66 founding members at the Norwegian Games, so we now have a big job to make sure everyone gets on board, says Kjøll.

The Norwegian Sports Federation discussed the Olympic issue at its executive meeting in Tromso on Saturday.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

Recognizes low support

NRK’s ​​sports commentator John Peter Saltved believes that despite the responses from 137 members in special associations and circles, the team has not received a good enough image.

– The response rate is a big problem because they did not get the desired response. Progress is very difficult because no one can say that the game is united behind, says Saltwood.

– This is not the most important thing for the game right now. Time is wrong, the response rate is its expression. The game does not, so you do not respond.

Mina Gerhardson

The team of the Norwegian Sports Federation recommends the new Norwegian Olympic application. Team Chair Mina Gerhardson decided from the roster in Tromso.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

Committee Chair Mina Gerhardson tells the NRK that what happens next is up to the NIF leaders. He also says he is confident in the committee’s recommendation to go for a new application.

What do you think is the reason there are so many unresponsive people?

– I do not want to guess. The game has many issues that make them work. Gerhardson replies that not everyone has time to respond to an inquiry and I will not add anything to it.

Many did not respond, could this be a peaceful struggle?

– We conducted a survey with a very clear majority against 76 per cent and 16 per cent. We’ve had a lot of audience meetings where there are opposing voices and there are clear, so there’s a sum of entries that we think will give a good picture of the approach of the Norwegian games, i.e. we have a positive, clear campus.

First track message

At the meeting, Mina Gerhardson presented arguments for and against the new Olympic process. Arguments for:

  • If we want to participate, we have to make arrangements sometimes too
  • The best winter sports country in the world has a responsibility
  • Democracies must act as organizers if the Olympics are not to be politically abused
  • An Olympics by our rules

Among other things, the panel points out that more knowledge is needed about the calculations surrounding the Olympic application and the IOC’s new Olympic award criteria.


Sports President Perit Kjol thinks it’s too early to discuss Olympic cities now. – Before we proceed with an application, I respectfully request that the process take place locally in the game, says Kjøll.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

Elections will now continue until the new leadership meeting in November, after which the Sports Council will make a decision in a year. All special associations will be invited to their own talks, promises sports leader Beryl Kajol.

– This is the first way news, says Kjol.

– We have to engage the whole game before deciding on a new application. It’s about what campus should be based on before we go to the authorities.

– It’s about stability, financial restraint and reuse, among other things, the game leader emphasizes.

I will not discuss Olympic cities now

Says game leader Perit Kjol Weekend morning at NRK1 And P2, the process of soldering the mood for a new application is underway, but talk about places like Tromsø Meyer very soon. Gunnar Wilhelmson has spoken out in support.

Gunnar Wilhelmson

The mayor of the city of Tromsø, Gunnar Wilhelmsen, believes that the Winter Olympics in Norway, among other things, will be crucial to the High North effort.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

– We are not close because someone has already started talking about places in Norway. It’s too early. We are now in the first phase of a process, mapping this out locally, says Kjøll.

A few weeks ago, IOC member Herhard Heiberg told Helkemorgan that it was time for Norway to take the role of organizing seriously. Kjøll responded that they were ready to accept responsibility, but reiterated that the whole game should be decided by Norway first.

– We should not come to a situation like the one where the last time everything was rigged and several hundred million kroner was spent, the political environment changed as its status quo stopped. Here, everyone must be built on the mast, and we will continue this, says Kajol.

Sebastian Henriksen, a board member of the NIF, insists that the game must own the process before it goes to politicians.

– We are at the beginning and today we will present the report on the work of the team. The Norwegian Games need to find out for themselves whether they like the Olympics. I think it would be wise to wait with a discussion of cities and places, says Henriksen.

Sebastian Henriksen, Board Member of the NIF

Sebastian Henriksen, Board Member, NIF.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

– Need to restore enthusiasm

Sports leaders discussed a variety of issues on Saturday, including one of the sports topics after the corona epidemic. Anne Husebekk, a professor at the University of Tromsø, says the corona led the group and the epidemic led to a loss of reputation.

– According to the overall results, the NIF has handled the corona infection well. But there are also things that can be done better. The team leader says that members and volunteers have largely given up, which means something to the reputation of the game.

He now believes the NIF should work hard to regain membership and enthusiasm.

Anne Husebeck

UIT Professor Ann Hussebek leads the Corona team at the NIF.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

However, she is not worried about the game.

– The game still has 1.9 million members. It’s a great organization and by actively promoting games for all ages and all groups, I think it’s good, but I think it’s important to focus on that.

On Sunday, international sports policy is on the agenda. Game washing, award processes and fair play are both important keywords.

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