The PlayStation 5 portable is almost assembled

The PlayStation 5 portable is almost assembled

YouTuber Matthew Perks of the DIY channel Perks has created a sleek, nearly portable PlayStation 5 that's much smaller than a console.

In the video below, he shows how he uses the internals of the PlayStation 5 Slim, but heavily modifies them to make it happen.

In the front, Birks installed a 14-inch 4K OLED display that he captured from an Alienware laptop. On the side of the box, he placed a pair of small stereo speakers and a small subwoofer to provide the sound.

Perks uses the console's motherboard, which got smaller with the newly released version of the console this fall. He had to build a new cooling system to make everything work, but after testing it, he claimed that the CPU managed to stay at around 42°C when under load, although the rest of the console was probably a little warmer. In comparison, the CPU in a regular PlayStation 5 console sits at about 40 degrees.

To power everything, Perks packs in a 250-watt power supply. The device is set up such that the console still requires a wired power connector to operate, and therefore cannot claim to be portable.

However, it's hard not to be a little impressed with the semi-portable PlayStation 5 variant that seems to work well.

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