The teacher is tired of wasting time on mobile phone clutter

The teacher is tired of wasting time on mobile phone clutter

The teacher wastes time and effort by shouldering the brunt of each teaching session.

The applicant says that cell phones do not belong in the classroom.
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Joel Yestebo of KrF BT wants to ban mobile phones in primary schools on August 18 in consideration of pupils’ social skills and mental health.

I think this is a reasonable desire.

I have myself experience from high school. Here, the mobile phone constantly disrupts teaching and learning.

I am constantly asked to repeat something to the students who have managed to separate themselves from the screen for a moment.

Tor Flo is himself a high school teacher

of course it is So that phones are not used during lessons, and I am one of those who devote the most behavioral observations to mobile phone use, but it is still difficult to prevent disturbances.

Instead of the county board disavowing responsibility and allowing the teacher to waste time and effort by taking the brunt of each teaching session, it was more reasonable to institute a centralized ban on cell phones in the classroom.

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high tech China has I did that; France also. Cell phones and tablets will be banned from classrooms in the Netherlands from the new year The government will ban the use of cell phones and tablets in classrooms in the Netherlands from the new year Finland considers the same.

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Norway, on the other hand, is lagging behind, and it seems as if school authorities are reluctantly allowing themselves to be swept away by computers, mobile phones and artificial intelligence from learning into digital huts.

Should students have access to cell phones during school hours?


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