The Tour for the Ages made her a pop star on a level that was no longer possible.

The Tour for the Ages made her a pop star on a level that was no longer possible.

That's why he's so powerful when he stands up for the younger, naive version of us.

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I definitely had Don't plan to fill your TV with three and a half hours of Taylor Swift on that Friday night.

I was only going to see a little from the beginning, I assured those around me.

An hour and a half later I was sitting there, in my “red” era. With all sensations outside the body.

I wasn't alone.

On Friday, March 15, Taylor Swift's musical film “The Eras Tour” arrived on Disney+.

During its first weekend, the 3.5-hour session was broadcast 4.6 million times.

The tour is still ongoing, and it is the most profitable in history. In just one month, SWIFT will take over Europe.

It is expected to take off completely. The countries you visit will likely see a jump in inflation due to all the travelers flying in, staying in hotels and going out on the town.

For example, a whole group of Norwegians come com. swiftiescom. swiftiesTitle of Taylor Swift's strongest fan. To abandon National Day in favor of his idol in Stockholm on May 17.

The concert film, which can now be streamed into thousands of homes, was shown in theaters for a few weeks this fall.  To the maximum extent.

“Tour of the Ages” The Greatest Hits tour may seem fairly ordinary.

but not. It's a show that made Taylor Swift a star on a level that's not actually possible anymore.

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She, who has long been just a country/pop girl singing about love and heartbreak, is now expected to become an important piece on the US election campaign later this year.

Last year, she was named Person of the Year by Time magazine. The first artist to be nominated for it.

As if it wasn't That was enough, “Era” was named Word of the Year by

Many believe that Swift has given the word a new meaning. People no longer use it in relation to ages, but in relation to the eras in their lives.

The Internet is full of young women who can tell they are “…of their time.” “Party Girl Era”, “Self-Love Era”, “ME Era”, “Peace Era”… yes, you can fill in as you please.

Swift at the cinema premiere of her own show.

Taylor Swift exists The era of world domination.

Strangely enough, it was a series of unfortunate events that led her there.

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