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Marita Aarvik må reise frå Alanya ei veke tidlegare enn planlagt

A holiday trip to Alanya in Turkey didn’t turn out as Marita Arvik and her husband had hoped.

When they arrived, they were told that the hotel had not received the money. This was despite the fact that he had booked and prepaid the trip through a travel company called Detour.

– We have paid all inclusive. He says the hotel didn’t get the money and now we have to pay for our stay here.

The hotel wanted to spend 900 euros for the stay.

After several phone calls with the travel agency, Aaravik was suddenly told on Thursday evening that he would have to fly home a few hours later – a week earlier than the original travel plan.

– We have to pack our bags tonight and take the flight early tomorrow morning.

Detour told her to collect the receipts for a refund when she got home.

Many tourists are asked to pay the hotel fees themselves after paying for the detour and not arriving at the hotel.

Photo: Ivar Lid Riise / NRK

Loan on fake fax

In an email to NRK, Detur expresses his understanding that the accommodation was not paid for.

Orvik and other travelers in Turkey have had to pay for hotel stays to get it, they say, through fake faxes.

– Detour was not the one who sent the fax that appears to be circulating, they write.

The fax also states that Detour does not pay for hotel rooms and that guests are asked to pay the hotel directly for a refund against a receipt or invoice.

Also, they write that the case is being investigated by Tetur and Turkish authorities.

– No guests should pay directly to the hotel for an already pre-paid trip. The hotel has no legal or moral right to demand payment from the guest.

The company is in the midst of restructuring and confirms it has ceased operations in the fall to develop future plans.

They updated their home pages on Friday morning. They write that the remainder of the 2022 season has been canceled and regrets the inconvenience this may cause.

– but they write that it is unfortunately necessary to create the system necessary to be a strong and healthy company in the future.

According to Television 2 Anyone who is not allowed to travel must receive a refund within 14 days. Detour’s website says that all those affected by the canceled departures will be contacted.

Tourists from all over the Nordics

Aravik is not alone in having to pay twice.

A hotel in Orvik confirms that they have five rooms available and that the hotel has not received payment from the travel agency.

In the Facebook group “On Holiday with Detour?” Frustrated tourists from all over the Nordics write about similar incidents. Many people have found that the hotel has not received the payment despite having paid in advance through Detour.

Media in Sweden and Denmark have written about tourists having to pay hotels even though they had pre-paid for the trip through a travel agency.

Write among others Dr. D.K About Dan Dan Bacon, he was greeted with a note on the door saying that the room had not been paid for. SVT Write that a bus with fifty passengers must turn back on its way to the airport because Detour has canceled their vacation flight.

Consumer Council: – Do not pay again

Thomas Iverson, senior legal counsel at the Consumer Council, describes a package vacation as one in which you purchase a more or less complete itinerary.

– Then the company you placed the order with must pay with all subcontractors. If it doesn’t, he says, it’s clear the consumer won’t pay anything more.

Thomas Iverson at Consumer Council

He advises consumers to exercise restraint in paying for extra expenses themselves, as it may take time to get a refund from the travel company.

Iverson points out that businesses are allowed to make changes or cancel trips before departure.

– But once you’re off your guard, there’s no chance of curtailing the trip unless extraordinary circumstances like war or natural disasters are at the destination.

If this happens, you are entitled to a discount.

On the way home

On Friday morning, Orvik is in Gardermoen, trying to get home to western Norway.

She feels bitter that they look forward to the holiday as much as he does.

– He says that while we understand that Detour has been struggling with the economy for a month, it’s strange that they send people down without giving any information to customers.

She is clear that she will ask for money for the rest of the stay.

– But what about all the extra costs? He says we have parking at the airport for 14 days, we’ve booked a cruise in Turkey that we can’t take, and we need to get new plane tickets home from Oslo.

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