The United States of America: – She was infected with Corona – She died of childbirth

The United States of America: - She was infected with Corona - She died of childbirth

Daniel, 39, and Davey Macias, 37, from California were looking forward to meeting their fifth child. Davey, who was a nurse, was deeply pregnant when she received the message: She was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Davy did not take the corona vaccine because she was afraid of the side effects of the vaccines since she was pregnant.

Corona infection made her very sick, and she gave birth to a little girl while a ventilator helped her breathe, he writes NBC.

Didn’t get the name

Husband Daniel tried to wait to give his daughter a name until his wife’s health improved again.

But Davy did not recover. A week after the caesarean section, she died of complications from coronary heart disease. Davy has never met his youngest daughter.

The acquaintance of father and daughter was also very short. Just three days after her birth, Danielle also had to be put on a ventilator due to the Corona infection. He died two weeks after the death of his wife. It is unclear whether he was vaccinated.

They were never allowed to name their daughter.

Their other children were 7, 5, 3, and 2 years old. They are now taken care of by their grandparents.

The nicest and sweetest people

“They were the kindest and most amazing people,” Danielle’s sister-in-law Teri Siri told NBC.

Serey tells Dagbladet that they chose to be open about the story because they hope it will help vaccinate more people.

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The CDC, the European Medicines Agency, and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health all recommend that pregnant women get the vaccine. The reason is that it appears that pregnancy can lead to a somewhat more serious course of the disease, as the FHI writes in Locations.

thanks for the support

Serey told Dagbladet that she is very grateful for the support the family has received in the time since the tragedy struck a few weeks ago.

– The support has been so great! I can’t believe how many friends, family, and strangers have come together to support our family, writes Siri in a letter to Dagbladet.

Among other things, more than 240,000 dollars were raised to support the family. This corresponds to more than two million Norwegian kroner. In addition, acquaintances and strangers brought clothes, food, toys and other things that the family might need.

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