The water level in the Dramman River is slowly receding

The water level in the Dramman River is slowly receding

The water level of Thiramanselva is slowly but surely receding during the night.

– The water level is decreasing gradually and slowly. But there is a condition that there is not much fresh rain. We saw what the weekend rain did to the water level – a lot came in a short time, says NVE’s regional manager Elisabeth Rui to NRK.

Elizabeth Rui, Regional Manager at NVE.

Photo: Kate Barth-Nilsen / NRK

At 09:00 on Wednesday morning, according to NVE’s measurements, the water level at Mjøndalen Bridge was 3.04 meters.

This is 20 cm lower than yesterday’s high.

According to NVE, the peak of the flood was probably reached at Tramanselva.

– We currently have no new predictions. But based on a variety of measurement data, Rui says yesterday’s predictions appear to be correct.

The water level in both Tyrifjorden and Randsfjorden is two meters above normal, so more water is flowing down towards Drammen.

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 August flood protection in Krogstadelwa.

Continuous high water flow

– There is currently 1,900 cubic meters of water inflow in Thirmanselva. As this is twice the normal water level, it will take a long time for the water to return to normal.

At the same time, heavy rain is expected to continue in the southwest region.

If it hits further north than expected, it could cause the Tramanselva’s water level to rise again, says Rui.

For the Drammens area, it is reported that some localized showers may occur during the day.

Roads are still closed

Several roads in the area are still closed due to flooding:

  • The E134 is closed between Drammen and Hokksund.
  • The Nedre Iker bridge over the Drammen River between Krogstadelva and Mjondalen is closed.
  • The exit road at county road 2708 in the direction of Mjøndalen is closed.

Queue at Krogstadelwa.

Flooding and closed roads lined the Tramens area Wednesday morning.

Photo: Knut Brendagen / NRK

The Randsfjord train is closed between Hoeksund and Vikersund due to landslides. Ban Nor comes with a new update on Wednesday at 12.

Expect delays on lines F4, F5 and R12 on the train section between Gulskogen and Mjøndalen.

Bergensbanen between Gol and Geilo has been closed since Monday due to flooding. This area has now reopened.

It will cost hundreds of crores

Cato Løkken is the Department Director for Operation and Maintenance in the Eastern Region of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. He says the flood has caused major damage to the road system at many places.

Flooded tunnel in Mjøndalen.

A flooded railway tunnel at County Road 2708 in Mjøndalen.

Photo: Kunhild Hermundrud / NRK

On national and European roads, more than 120 injuries were recorded at a cost of NOK 300-400 million.

Cato Logan

Kato Loken, Director of the Norwegian Road Administration.

Photo: Kristina Hågensen / NRK

– In addition, there is damage to the district road network and municipal roads, which is not superficial to me. and any security measures. So there is extensive damage, yes, Loken tells NRK.

– What consequences does this have for transport now?

– Now things are starting to improve, the weather is improving. We’ve cleared everything in the Oslo area, so all roads are open there. At E134, the water level needs to drop a bit before we can open.

Fear of flood protection

Flooding around the Drammensvassdraget has created major challenges in recent days.

On Tuesday morning, the water level of the Mjøndalen bridge over Trammenselva was above the peak during extreme weather called “Hans”.

At that time the water level was 3.24 as measured by NVE. During severe weather the water level reached 3.2 meters.

Forecasts worked out by NVE on Tuesday had long shown that the water would go above the critical point of 3.5 meters – thus above flood protection in some areas.

Normal water level in the river at Mjøndalen bridge is approximately 1 meter.

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