The year 2026 could take off all year for Apple

The year 2026 could take off all year for Apple

Ming-Chi Kuo has exciting revelations about what Apple will do with iPhone chips in three years.

Better performance

Apple’s A16 Bionic chip known from the iPhone 14 Pro series is built on 4nm technology – both the A14 and 15 use 5nm. With the A17 Pro chip for the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple has jumped to 3nm, and in 2026, Kuo believes the company will have a clear vision. 2 nmchips for better performance combined with further improved power efficiency.

In other words, Apple will follow the plan it has been implementing for a while with a few generations on the same nanometer technology. I wonder if the company will label the 2nm chips as “Max” instead of “Pro”?

Apple is first with 3nm technology, which competitors won’t have until next year, so the question now is whether they can also enter the market with 2nm technology. Apple’s chip maker TSMC is simultaneously enhancing its 2nm technology expertise with Nvidia, which with Apple will likely be one of the first next year.

Intel’s roadmap leaked, to be more efficient than the M1 Max within two years

2nm and the entire chipset can come on simultaneously for greater efficiency

Meanwhile, we reported earlier this month that Apple was facing challenges designing its own 5G modem. Therefore, they reached an agreement with Qualcomm to extend the agreement:

The message comes from Qualcomm, which supplies 5G chips to the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers. Apple wants to do everything itself, including the modem and Bluetooth chips, but Qualcomm said it and Apple have extended a modem agreement that originally expired this year. Now the two have agreed to extend the agreement until 2026 Can This means that Apple may not be ready with its 5G modems before 2027.

Itavesen, September 12, 2023

Apple’s goal is also to design its own chip where everything is integrated: 5G, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

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