– There are many Tesla cars in Norway. It's Wild – E24

– There are many Tesla cars in Norway.  It's Wild – E24

The Tesla president spoke, among other things, about the development of artificial intelligence and Tesla as a guest on Nikolai Tangen's podcast. It has been stopped several times due to technical problems.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk was a guest on Tangen's podcast “In Good Company” on Monday night. The interview with Musk was broadcast live on X, on Tang's newly created account “NicolaiTang1”.

The oil fund manager asked about Tesla and whether the transition to electric cars is going slower than Musk expected.

– I think things are actually moving very quickly, especially in Norway, says Musk.

– There are many Tesla cars in Norway. It's wild. “I would like to thank Norway for its support of electric cars,” he says.

Musk says it's only a matter of time before all cars become electric, although development won't proceed in a straight line.

– The ultimate victory of electric cars is inevitable, and I believe that the sooner we achieve this, the better.

However, the interview did not go smoothly technically. Several times the line was broken.

The conversation was also interrupted when Musk tapped on the soundboard.

– Are we on? Elon are we there? “Elon, can you hear me,” Tangen asked during an interruption.

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Skeptical analyst in the stock market sector

-The basket looks terrible

Tangen opened the interview by asking Musk about artificial intelligence (AI).

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Chatbot ChatGPT, used for everything from programming and report writing to homework and job applications, has become popular at record speed.

On Wall Street, optimism about artificial intelligence fueled a stock market rally last year, led by chipmaker Nvidia.

– Artificial intelligence is the technology I have seen that is advancing the fastest. And I've seen a lot of technology. Hardly a week goes by without a new announcement, Musk says.

He pointed to the size of the devices dedicated to artificial intelligence.

– It increases by something like ten every year, if not every six to nine months.

Musk pointed to the combination of hardware and software breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.

– He says: – If you look at this curve, it looks wild.

– The best source

Tangen also asked Musk about his vision for X.

-My goal for X is to be the best source of truth on the Internet. “I think we're making good progress,” Musk says.

It highlights responses to X's messages and the ability for users to add context to X's posts.

– People can say that there is some misinformation. Yes, but look at the answers. The answers correct that misinformation.

– Many people still have the illusion that the newspapers they read are actually true. He says there is a lot of nonsense in them.

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Most expensive in March: sold for $72.7 million

Tesla shareholder

The oil fund manager started the podcast in 2022 to introduce Norwegians to some of the companies they own.

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The oil fund owned 0.87 percent of Tesla at the beginning of 2024, up from a 0.73 percent stake the previous year.

The oil fund's Tesla shares were worth NOK 33.4 billion at the end of the year.

One of the richest people in the world

Musk is the majority owner and president of electric car manufacturer Tesla. In 2022, he bought the social media platform Twitter, which has since changed its name to X.

As a major shareholder of Tesla, he has become one of the richest people in the world. In recent years, he has topped various wealth lists, and Forbes magazine estimated his wealth at $195 billion by the beginning of 2024.

Tangen has interviewed bosses at some of the world's largest companies on the podcast. In the past, among others, top managers of the oil giants BP and Exxon, the head of Microsoft and the head of Goldman Sachs have been guests.

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