Therese Gohough – Share private photo

Therese Gohough – Share private photo

Looks like Therese Goghough was enjoying herself on National Day last week.

Smiling and wearing a bungalow are popular Instagram stories, and so is Johog.

On Wednesday evening, she shared a new photo from May 17 of herself and husband Niels Jakob Hof.

— “Bag” is a little different on May 17 of this year, she writes with a smiling, sweaty emoji.

Accompanying the post, a photo from last year's National Day was also shared. Then the contrasts couldn't be greater for the cross country star.

Yohog gave birth to her baby on May 17 last year, and gave birth to her daughter, Christine.

In the photo you can see Yohog most likely in the hospital, and the message on Wednesday is another nod to the past year.

Village party: Therese Johaug and Nils Jacob Hoff arranged a wedding according to the history books, but one detail was noticed by many people. Video: Therese Gohauge/Instagram
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Dagbladet has been in contact with Johaug's team manager, Jørn Ernst, regarding the matter, who replied that he did not think Johaug would say anything more on the matter. However, the star director adds:

– The pictures say more. Last year it was the delivery room, and this year there was a one-year birthday celebration, Ernst wrote in a letter to Dagbladet.

Sweden responds: Be careful

Ski Profile has yet to make a final decision on her future cross-country adventure, but she has announced an answer before the summer. Next year, WC is waiting at home in Trondheim.

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