This is how Norwegian car buyers should be tempted to think differently

This is how Norwegian car buyers should be tempted to think differently

Nio is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that opened its first “dealer” at Karl Johans Gate in Oslo on September 23. We write the dealer in quotation marks, because it is not a car shop in the traditional sense.

Nio House, as it will be called, is a place where you’ll find a library, a restaurant, and a separate play area for the kids—yes, and a car or two, then.

But even if there is a creative philosophy behind it – the goal is the same as the others: the cars will be sold.

The first model is the ES8 electric SUV.

With a front passenger seat that can be used as a bed, a digital assistant called Nomi, a battery pack that can be replaced in a few minutes and the opportunity to buy an electric car without batteries, they intend to win customers over, among other things, being different.

Nine starts at one of Norway’s most expensive addresses

Battery replacement

If we take the latter first: it will be possible to buy the Nine ES8 without batteries. An electric vehicle without batteries seems rather useless – but only until you hear about a battery rental agreement can you enter into it.

So instead of owning a battery pack that tracks the life of the car, you can rent a new, updated one at any time.

You can also change the battery pack you rent – big or small. The latter costs less money.

Here we are talking about restful sleep.

500 km

The customer can rent the large battery pack if you are going on a long trip, says Marius Heiler, Managing Director of NIO Norway.

We will find out the prices of the car and possibly the batteries on September 23rd.

If you choose the largest battery pack, 100 kW, you get a range of at least 500 km.

It can be charged at speeds up to 100 kW. It is not on par with the best in the class. Porsche, Kia, Hyundai and Audi made the list here – with a charging capacity of 270 kW.

Nine ES8s come in six or seven seats.

Nine ES8s come in six or seven seats.


With a large battery in the bottom of the car, weight naturally becomes important. We’re talking 2.5 tons.

To secure a fresh kick, though, Nio outfitted the ES8 with a total of 532 horsepower.

The speed from 0 to 100 km / h is provided in 4.9 seconds. Not bad for a seven-seater SUV.

They are also delivered as six or seven seats. But among the passengers who can enjoy additional comfort …

Among other things, we tested Nio at Eggemoen Airport.

Among other things, we tested Nio at Eggemoen Airport.

First class feeling

The front passenger seat can be laid almost completely flat. In addition, there is an extension for the seat and supports the legs – and a footrest folded down at the bottom of the footrest. Just like driving first class in an airplane!

It’s spacious and comfortable for others in the car, too. Everyone sits at least in the first two rows of seats. There is a lot of space.

Even in seven seats, it is possible for adults to sit in the back seats, if those in the second row of seats are a little cooperative.

We must of course keep an eye on when prices are released. Only then can you say something about how good it was to buy this car.

Read more about fEar impressions of ES8 here – and watch the test video at Eggemoen Airport below:

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