This is the app that uses the most battery power on your phone (and you're not even using it)

This is the app that uses the most battery power on your phone (and you're not even using it)

Therefore, most people make sure to charge their phones before leaving the house. This is especially the case if there is no possibility of charging at the destination, although most places today offer this.

Why does my mobile phone battery last so short?

When purchasing a new device, there are certain recommendations from the manufacturer to ensure optimal operation, including how to properly charge the battery to extend its life. However, constant use and downloading of some apps will cause the battery to last for a shorter period.

The thing that undoubtedly consumes power on your mobile phone are the applications running in the background. To the surprise of many Android users, it's not Chrome that consumes the most power.

Which application uses the most power?

If your battery runs out of power quickly (for no apparent reason), it may be due to natural battery wear. But it can also be caused by some apps that are using a lot of phone resources.

As strange as it may seem, there are apps that seem invisible due to infrequent use. This applies, for example, to Google Play Services. Found on most Android devices, this app is a tool that allows you to work with other Google apps. This is what Ensedeciencia writes.

Thanks to Google Play Services, people using Android devices can access Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Pay. However, these services have a serious problem that affects users.

Normally, background services are not processes that require battery resources, but this Google app is used so much by the rest of the system that battery consumption can sometimes get high.

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If you've checked the app that keeps draining your battery, you'll likely see that Google Play Services is one of the biggest culprits. If your phone starts to overheat, it is best to take appropriate action and perform the following steps:

  1. Restart your mobile phone.

  2. Pending Updates: Manually download these updates from Google Play.

  3. Stop the application: This can be done from Settings -> Applications, then by showing system applications, choosing “Google Play Services” and pressing “Stop”.

  4. Delete data

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