Apple may launch the Vision Pro in January 2024

Apple may launch the Vision Pro in January 2024

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the paper’s Apple insider, has some interesting information related to the Vision Pro, once again confirming what he previously reported about next year’s MacBook and iPad.

New iPads and MacBook Air with the M3 processor will launch in March

Most of Gorman’s reporting on the eve of last week was largely about how the company is doing no I focused enough on the MacBook in favor of the iPad, and then I focused so much on the MacBook models that the iPad line became too crowded. As an Apple journalist points out, the company sells five different iPads: the iPad Pro, Air, Mini, and the ninth- and 10th-generation iPads.

that it a lot Models, but the biggest problem is that the Pro and Air in particular are very similar. The strategic chaos ended with the iPad gaining significant momentum in 2010, while the MacBook series declined — and now the tables have turned. Many may think that one of the reasons is that iPadOS is not advanced enough.

The new boards will be launched on the eve of March. Meanwhile, Apple will launch iPadOS 17.4, while Macs will get macOS 14.3. The Mac update will be released on the eve of January or February. It is not known when the new MacBook Air with M3 will arrive, perhaps in June. That’s when the M2 arrived.

Itavesen, December 6, 2023

Therefore, Apple’s plan is to slightly increase the screen size of the Pro models next year by shrinking the bezels around it. The Pro will also get the M3 chipset in 2024, while the Air will “only” be upgraded to the M2. This will give the Pro models better battery life (if the MacBook Pro 14 M3 is anything to go by), but more importantly: OLED panels to take advantage of the advanced lock screen in iPadOS 16+. In this way, the Pro models will be worth it to a greater extent than they were a few years ago.

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The M2 and M3 with OLED should differentiate between the Air and Pro

“The MacBook Air, to no one’s surprise, is getting an M3 chip. It will be interesting to see if the 15-inch machine will get better battery life than the 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 which has 22 hours to boot — more than the current M2 model’s 15 18 hours,” we reported on December 6 – Gorman supports the same in his latest report

The interesting thing about the latest reveal is that Apple, according to Gorman, will actually be launching the Vision Pro January, at least by March 2024 if the company does not encounter one or more problems. Tim Cook has already stated that the launch of the AR/VR headset will take place in early 2024, but already the first month of the year is a bit surprising for us as well.

More and more information has been leaking from iOS, not least iOS 17.2 (that the company itself leaked videos on how to use the headset, back in November, was a sign of a somewhat imminent launch) which may launch this week adding support for 3D video. With iPhone 15 Pro. Apple has a tradition of spending as much time as it dares launching brand new products, so everything we’ve mentioned can be postponed, but we, as Gorman, are sure that the iPad and MacBook will be upgraded in March.

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