Toilet Handball – Ridiculous scenario

Toilet Handball – Ridiculous scenario
  • Quarter-finals Norway – Netherlands Tuesday 20.30

Trondheim (Dagbladet): The loss means Norway will get the Netherlands instead of the much weaker Czech Republic in the quarter-finals.

Who might be waiting after the semi-finals is still unknown. This is where the absurdity appears.

Speaking: – Hearing rumours

Denmark and Germany will conclude their main round only on Monday evening when they meet in Buxen in Herning. Knowing that the loser of that match will exit Norway in the semi-finals.

Despite the fact that France emerged victorious on Sunday evening in the Trondheim Spektrum, there seems to be a broad consensus that the other nations still consider Norway the bigger rival.

Complete confusion broke out during the big match between Norway and France in Trondheim Spektrum.
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Before the Norway match on Sunday, Dutchman Nikita van der Vliet said Danish TV 2 They hope to escape Norway and face France in the quarter-finals.

The fact that the main round in groups that intersect each other does not end at the same time and gives teams the opportunity to play on the result is not the first time this has happened in a handball tournament. It’s a topic that was criticized by several handball figures in a chat with Dagbladet last week, with the toilet setup itself being widely criticized.

The answers are shocking: - Embarrassing

The answers are shocking: – Embarrassing

British Telecom Handball commentator Johnny Wojciech Cockborg addressed this matter again with the Danish newspaper

– It’s a problem we’ve seen before, and it’s ridiculous to see it repeated again in a way that might call into question fair play. I don’t think Jesper Jensen (the Danish coach) is speculating about this, but it is undeniable that he is sneaking in unconsciously, as Kokborg wrote.

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