This is the summer of TV profiles 2

This is the summer of TV profiles 2

Summer is upon us, and these days Norwegians are eager to travel a specific southern route or perhaps spend their time on a sailboat, in a cabin or at home in the sun wall.

TV 2 asked a number of well-known faces from the Media House about their plans for the summer and which memories of summer are best left with everyone.

COMES WITH A SUMMER INVITATION: – It looks just so sick

Spain and France

Good morning, Norway host Vår Staude (56) has so far been climbing in the mountains with his family during summer vacation.

– We’ve been in Rondane and gone on some mountaintops, and we’ve also been very happy, she says to TV 2.

At the time of writing, the host is sitting in the car in the direction of Spain after being injured air strike.

– The plane was canceled due to bombing, so we rode the car and traveled 230 kilometers in 24 hours from Oslo to Montpellier in France. We’ve slept now and we only have 83 miles left to Villajoyosa in Spain, she said.

When the 56-year-old reaches her vacation destination, she and her entourage will combine mountain treks with beach life.

We don’t go anywhere without knowing it’s possible to go for a walk. It would be another combination. So it’s a bit of an active vacation, while the main goal is to relax and recharge your batteries.

Spain: Good morning, Norway hostess Vår Staude is going to Spain with the family this summer. Photo: private

Perennials have dozens of summer memories in their baggage, but one experience in particular stands out from the rest.

– That was enough in the summer two years ago, when we were at Engeløya in Nordland. It was incredibly nice. Wonderful nature, great hikes, mountains and beaches. She says it was probably the best vacation.

Sommerhytta and news anchor Kathryn Fossum (44) He recently scored the final at Somerheta, and is heading to the French Riviera this summer.

– I’ll be in Provence, forget and visit Alsace too. I will swim, eat good food and enjoy beautiful nature with family and good friends.

From the good summer memories, the host highlights the togetherness with the family.

I love long days when you are lazy at the beach with husband and children, gliding in beautiful sunsets and evenings. Without having a bad time. It’s one of the best I know.

Good morning, Norway hostess Desta Marie Peder (34) is also planning a trip to France this summer.

– The trip goes to the south of France with good friends. We will travel a bit, swim and eat good food.

In addition, Beeder will spend some time at home in Bergen. The 34-year-old well remembers summer in Norway with bright and beautiful evenings with friends, light wine and deep conversations.

Marius Schegelback (31) was also in France at the time of writing, who works in bike coverage.

– I’m in the Tour de France and I’m running 600 kilometers by car, he says, and continues:

It’s good to follow the Norwegian Summer Dream on Instagram. I also notice that people get married a lot during the day and that’s nice.

When the TV 2 presenter takes a well-deserved break later this summer, plans are in place.

– Sleeps. And cabins in Kragerø. You might collect it.

For Skjelbæk, summer 24 years ago is the absolute memory of summer.

– Impossible to get around Christmas Eve 1998. A cliched answer without peer, but it is impossible to beat Norway and Brazil for me. It’s a little boring until I hit my “peak” in life when I was eight, but I live well with that, he says.

Italy, Greece and Croatia

Like many other TV 2 profiles, The Voice presenter and former sports presenter Siri Avlesen-Østli (38) also enjoys the southern heat of southern Europe, more specifically in Tuscany in Italy.

– It’s great with our first overseas trip in three years! We rented a house with a pool and showers all day. Eat good food, go to the beach and relax, she says.

The rest of the summer, the 38-year-old plans to be at home in Norway, visit family and spend the days as they come.

Avlesen-Østli highlights holiday trips to Spain in childhood as the best summer memory.

We traveled by car from Norway without a very specific plan for the trip and it was always interesting to know what hotel we landed at, and where we would eat after several hours’ drive. Then we finally got to a very comfortable house with its own pool in Spain, which was really weird.

Also, I got into Norway last summer with boating, fishing, and swimming with the kids in the host’s memory book.

Avlesen-Østli wasn’t just selected for Tuscany this summer. It is too Host Pharma Niklas Selseth Barley (33).

– Now I’m in a holiday home with some friends in Tuscany that we rented for a week. He says we are driving and swimming.

Barley has also climbed mountains so far on this holiday.

– Before that I was hiking in the mountains of Chamonix, he says, and adds:

– I’ve also done paragliding. Active friends cheated on me. It was so exceptional! At first very scary, then amazing. Definitely something I would do again.

The host remembers well when he spent the summer at Nes Camping as a young man.

– You’ve got a motorcycle, and you can drive where you want.

Good morning, Norwegian Peter Bobrescu (47 years old) chose to spend his first holidays in Sandfjord, the city he visits every summer since he was young.

– We were there two weeks ago, showering and bathing every day. The kids attended Emma’s party and I attended the Wenche Myhre show, then we visited Stavern and Powder Tower Theatre. He says friends and family also come to visit.

After the Sandefjord holiday, the trip was scheduled to continue to Greece. Bobrisko was worried that he and his family would get a taste of the plane chaos this summer, but the gang is now out.

– In Crete, it’s hot, but delicious. Being in the South with five-year-old twins means a little bit more sunbeds, so here’s fully booked, he says.

The 47-year-old remembers summer vacations in Croatia and Montenegro when he was young.

My father is originally from Montenegro and I loved visiting my grandmother there.

coming In Fire and Flame Host Simon Nitsche (30) Also use vacation time to charge batteries outside.

– I am now on a sailing trip in Croatia with a group of friends. It is very tasty and totally royal. We are just sailing and exploring. He says it’s sexy.

CROATIA: Fire and Flame host Simon Nietzsche is surfing the blue wave in Croatia this summer.  Photo: Jan-Petter Dahl/TV 2

CROATIA: Fire and Flame host Simon Nietzsche is surfing the blue wave in Croatia this summer. Photo: Jan-Petter Dahl/TV 2

Moreover, the trip to France goes with friends, and maybe there will be a surfing trip later as well.

The 30-year-old highlights the Sandefjord summer as his best summer memory.

– There were beach soccer and volleyball tournaments for many years, which united the whole city – both young and old. It was so much fun, he says, and continues:

– So I have to come back during the summer to get some refills.


For Allsang på grensen-queen, Catherine Moholt (48 years old) spends the summer in Fredriksten Castle in Halden last roundafter 15 summers in a row.

“It’s great to be back in Frederiksten Castle with several thousand people singing with our great artists two years after the pandemic,” she says.

Despite summer work, Moholt is keen to rest between fights.

We enjoy ourselves at home with card games, swimming, boxing, late nights and picnics in the woods. It’s summer for me!

Summer job: Host Catherine Moholt leads Allsang TV 2 on the Border for the 15th consecutive year.  Pictured here with co-host Stian Thorbjørnsen earlier in July.  Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

Summer job: Host Catherine Moholt leads Allsang TV 2 on the Border for the 15th consecutive year. Pictured here with co-host Stian Thorbjørnsen earlier in July. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

The 48-year-old also shares that her best summer memories are when the family was on a bike trip in Valdris.

– We cycled from a mountain hut to a mountain lodge in a beautiful nature and ate beautiful food. The most delicious sauces, pancakes, sour cream porridge. We bathed in icy mountain waters and drenched in everything from torrential rain to gorgeous sunshine. Goats, sheep, goodies, bunk beds and lots of laughs. It was such a trip when it all fell apart. A beautiful memory to take with you on dark winter evenings.

Another who also swears by a Norwegian holiday this summer is the host of LEGO Masters and Most active in Norway Erik Solbakken (37).

He travels between the island and the mountain with his family.

“I start at Hemsedal and then work our way through the little island of Flåvær, and into western Norway,” he says.

Norway Vacation: Norway's most energetic host Erik Solbakken is going to the mountains this summer.  Photo: Synne Moen/TV 2

Norway Vacation: Norway’s most energetic host Erik Solbakken is going to the mountains this summer. Photo: Synne Moen/TV 2

So far on the trip, the 37-year-old has managed to pull off the fishing rod.

– I got a huge trout of 1.3 kg, so I could hear with TV 2 if they want a fishing program soon, he jokes.

For Solbakken, it was summer on a ridge on the mountain in Hemsedal that made the biggest mark when it came to summer memories.

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