This kick shows the extreme change – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

This kick shows the extreme change – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

It’s an exciting development, things are moving faster, says NRK football expert Karl-Erik Torp

Many have talked about the development of women’s football. Audience records, income records, and transfer records have been arranged in recent years.

But perhaps the biggest development occurred in the field.

When I sit in the stands and watch the matches, it’s very entertaining. “You see a high level of play, technical performance and physical performance,” Jill Ellis tells NRK.

Gil Ellis will lead the Technical Analysis Group at FIFA during the 2023 World Cup

FIFA TOP: Gil Ellis is the Chairman of FIFA’s Technical Study Group.

Photo: AP

The 56-year-old knows what she’s talking about. She is a former coach for the United States National Team and has led the nation to a two-time gold medal. The distinguished former coach is now leading the effort to collect data from matches at the World Cup.

Among other things, it will provide answers about how the level has developed since the previous tournament in 2019.

– We see a higher quality of the game, improved goalkeeper performance and defensive organization. All of this means the numbers are pointing in the right direction, Ellis says.

Faster, stronger, better

Again in the penalty shootout is the star of England renal Kelly is in front of the chalk mark and hits the ball hard towards the goal. Nigeria goalkeeper catches the ball but the shot is so hard that she can’t stop the ball.

Measurements show that it has an insane speed of 110.79 kilometers per hour. It’s a new water cycle record.

Watch the record kick: Chloe Kelly set a new World Cup record with this penalty kick.

But it can also be compared to the strength of men. The shot is more difficult than any goal in the Premier League last season. West Ham player Said bin Rahma He was closest to Kelly with a shot of 107.2 kilometers per hour.

Kelly’s shot is a typical shot of progression in women’s international football. After each World Cup, FIFA issues a report, and it shows that the development from 2015 to 2019 has gone at record speed.

The pace is much higher and the players are exercising for longer distances at higher intensity.

At top speed, players ran nearly 30 percent longer in 2019 than in 2015. FIFA’s definition of top speed is a speed of more than 23 km/h.

And at high speed, players were also able to do much more with the ball than before. In the four years, the number of ball tackles at top speed increased by 24 percent.

Fast time travel

Haig Rise is standing and watching a video on her mobile phone. You became the coach of the national team today, the World Cup champions in 1995. We travel back 28 years to see the goal you scored against Germany in the final.

On the eve of the first half, Rizzi ran into a tunnel, pulled out a German player and put the ball into the goal. With the eyes of 2023, things are going slowly.

From this year’s World Cup, we find another goal against Germany, scored by Colombia’s Linda Caicedo. Both speed and skill level are much higher.

See for yourself and compare the two goals:

Watch the video: Haig Rise’s goal for Norway against Germany in the 1995 World Cup.

Watch the video: Linda Caicedo’s goal for Colombia against Germany in this year’s World Cup.

The Norway national team manager was close to Norwegian and international football after the World Cup achievement in 1995.

I think tactically, we were very good at that time. Physically, we were fine. But in terms of speed and skill, women’s soccer is on a different level today, says Rice.

The pressure is increasing

The game has also changed tactically. UEFA performs technical analyzes during each European Championship. Last year’s 2022 report showed a startling change from the European Commission’s 2017:

The ball is now recovered higher up the court. The pressure moved noticeably higher into the opponent’s half of the floor. The physical level of the players is now so high that the team can play for a long time with high pressure.

Many “wow moments”

For four weeks, it was world football Witness an entertaining and intense toilet with many sensations. One great nation after another has been wiped out by weaker opponents.

Jill Ellis says the gap between nations has become much smaller.

– In WC, we saw the giants fall: Germany, the United States, the traditional superpowers, are not among the top eight teams. So it certainly shows that it is more balanced among nations.

Tough competition satisfies the footballing heart of the former national team manager.

What pleased me the most is that the teams that participated for the first time in the World Cup performed well. So the big picture is that the sport is growing in a global context. We see Morocco, Portugal and all these new teams coming. They don’t just show up, they come here and compete.

Carl Eric Torp

Expert: Carl-Erik Torp, football expert at NRK.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

Carl-Erik Torp said he sometimes sits wide-eyed in the comment box.

I think the World Cup we’re in now is the most entertaining women’s World Cup ever, he says and adds:

Jamaica has advanced from the group stage, Morocco has managed to beat Germany. There have been many wow moments and great moments in terms of women’s football globally in terms of recruitment, reputation and interest which has been absolutely fantastic.

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