This will affect Oslo Bors – Thursday

This will affect Oslo Bors - Thursday

Among the pre-trading on the IG trading platform, Oslo Bors rose 0.20 percent.

Nordent analyst Roger Bernsen wrote in a morning comment that he expects the stock market to open 0.9 percent, or in the 0.6 or 1.2 percent range.

Two-year and ten-year interest rates fell several points after positive comments from Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell. Powell expressed weak economic activity, but a recession is not imminent due to the very strong labor market, writes Berntsen.


Stocks in the Asia-Pacific region rose broadly on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates by 75 basis points to combat inflation, a move that was widely expected.

In Japan it rises Nikkei 225The index increased by 0.21 percent, while the broadest TopixThe pointer is slightly developed and is almost flat.

To China and Hong Kong, where there is a mixed atmosphere. Shanghai boat strengthened by 0.57 percent, while Hang Seng In Hong Kong, it weakened by 0.56 percent

In South Korea is rising CosbyThe index increased by 0.72 percent. in India Sensex by 1.3% S & P / ASX 200The index in Australia rose 0.83 percent and Straits Times in Singapore by 0.17 percent.

oil price

Brent oil futures rose 0.54 percent at 107.20 dollars a barrel. At the same time, West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures rose by 0.98%, which is equivalent to the price of 98.21 US dollars per barrel.

By way of comparison, a barrel of North Sea oil was traded at $105.11 at the close of trading yesterday, up 0.7 percent.

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oil giant Equinor Yesterday could show a result of $6.76 billion in the second quarter of the year, up from $1.94 billion in the second quarter of last year. The company’s operating income was $36.39 billion, up from $17.38 billion in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. On July 28, Equinor will begin the third tranche of approximately $1.83 billion of its 2022 share repurchase program.

Wall Street

On Wednesday evening came the long-awaited interest rate decision from the Federal Reserve. The US key interest rate has been set at 75 basis points, and is now in the 2.25 to 2.5 per cent range.

Nasdaq It rose 4.1 percent to 12,032.42 points.

Standard & Poor’s 500 It rose 2.6 percent to 4,023.32 points.

Dow Jones It rose 1.4 percent to 32,195.38 points.

In addition to raising interest rates, US authorities have reported that the Senate has passed a bill to support the US semiconductor industry in the amount of $52 billion, roughly NOK 500 billion, according to CNBC. The intention is to increase the country’s competitiveness against China.

dead Figures released after closing time, prior estimates were wrong. The stock rose 6.6 percent during today’s trading, but fell 1.1 percent in after-hours trading.

Today there is a torrent of numbers released, including from companies appleAnd the AmazonAnd the Master Card Credit CardAnd the NestleAnd the SamsungAnd the coincidence And the Intel Corporation To mention some.

Oslo Stock Exchange

Hydrogen share continues to rise Haiyun. On Monday, the stock was up nearly 16 percent, on Tuesday it was up 21 percent, and on Wednesday it was up another 23.8 percent to NOK 3.90. This means that the value of the company doubled in one week. Almost two weeks ago, it became known that the Swedish energy authorities were subsidizing Hynion with more than 60 million Swedish kronor for two hydrogen plants.

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I mentioned Tuesday Scatec Solar The company reported an EBITDA result of NOK 517 million in the second quarter, down from NOK 601 million in the same period last year. DNB Markets is now adjusting its price target on Scatec from NOK 86 to NOK 81. The stock fell 1.3 percent to NOK 103.75.

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