– This case has high priority – V.G

- This case has high priority - V.G
HIT: Scion leader Lars Thorsen’s military-colored car recovered after crash in early July

Two women accused of overturning Sian leader Lars Thorsen’s car have yet to be tried. The police are nearing the end of the investigation.

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Thorsen stayed until early July Forced off the road By another car after a demonstration on Mortensrut in Oslo. Besides Thorson, there were four other people in the overturned car. No one was seriously injured.

After this a woman said It is defensive.

The investigation will be completed within a short period of time, the police prosecutor in the Oslo Police District, Mikan Brovold, told VG.

– Regarding the status of the investigation, it is in its final stage. Investigators are in the process of finalizing a review of the video content, and they are obtaining documentation on the extent of the damage to the man, Prowoldt said.

Didn’t ask questions

Shortly before the clash, Zion members set fire to a Koran at a crossroads in Mortensrud, Oslo. A video shows more people arriving at the scene and a tense atmosphere before the Xi’an leader and his entourage drive off.

Police believe that this may be the reason behind the clash.

The female driver was charged with causing grievous bodily harm, while the passenger Charged shortly after For complicity in grievous bodily harm. Fares are not changed at this time.

None of the two accused have given a statement to the police so far. Accused It declined to commentAnd police are still waiting for clarification on whether the other accused is willing to give a statement.

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– Accused in criminal cases are not bound to give a statement to the police. In this case, one of the accused did not want to testify through his defense attorney, Prowoldt says.

Police had earlier questioned witnesses and victims.

Of utmost importance

The driver says Thorsen was the first to crash.

– They first smashed our car and sprayed it. We retreated to defend ourselves. Their car rolled, she told VG after the incident.

Neither of the two accused pleaded guilty, according to police prosecutor Provolt.

– Do you feel there is progress in the investigation?

– Yes, of course, he says, referring to what I mentioned earlier about the steps that have now been finalized, reviewing the video content and collecting information from the health system.

– This case is a high priority, and investigators have been working on it all month, says Prowoldt.

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