Today's horoscopes: – Today's horoscope: Wednesday, May 15

Today's horoscopes: – Today's horoscope: Wednesday, May 15

HEvery day, Astrologer Sol will give you an insight into the future. Are you curious about love, work, finances, friends or maybe family? Let your zodiac sign guide you. Pssst, here you will find your weekly horoscope.

Here's your horoscope for Wednesday, May 15.


Date of birth: March 20-21

What you gave yourself will now come back. Your generosity and warm heart did not go unnoticed. As an Aries, you are an idealist at heart, and you don't like rules and social norms, but you follow your heart, and you instantly know who you love and who deserves your attention. This characteristic can sometimes make you feel disappointed because you see that there is a lot of social play out there, but now you are also witnessing the opposite, and it can be really fun to be given the help you need yourself by others without you having to ask. Receive.

the Bull

Date of birth: April 21-21, maybe

For you, freedom is being able to take care of yourself without being overly dependent on others. The fact that you are somewhat self-sufficient gives you a sense of security, and if you get too carried away with the needs of others and end up feeling like everyone should own a part of you, it can quickly become uninteresting to you. . You trust people who take care of themselves, plain and simple. Love can be a bit tough, but when people don't take responsibility it affects others, and that's not what you care about. Do your own thing and let others do their part.


Date of birth: May 21-22 June

The Moon is sailing through your communication sector and anyone you've seen as calm and in control could act completely abnormal, which is surprising and strange. Perhaps it is liberating that even those who seem to have everything going well show signs of humanity, and this can provide fertile ground for beautiful conversation and a sense of equality. You are a good listener and can help a lot even though you may not feel like you are contributing much, other than listening. This is actually more than good enough. Sometimes that's the only thing that matters.

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Date of birth: June 22-July 22

You must use the leadership skills you have today and show the world that you mean it. As a Cancer, you need an overview and if there is too much at once, it quickly affects your stomach and sleep if you don't take action and clean it up. Things go incredibly fast around corners and the pressure of work or family requires you to be conscious and clear about your boundaries, even if it means that others don't get what they want from you. The more order and organization you have, the better night's sleep you'll get. Take control of the things you can do and get away from the chaos by being present in the here and now.

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These zodiac signs are best suited together

the lion

Date of birth: July 23-August 23

If you doubt yourself, it prevents you from embracing the person of your dreams. Of course you could have done this last year or ten years ago, but in reality it is not too late. Some people start life knowing exactly who they are and what they want, while others take half a lifetime or more to get there, and it doesn't really matter how long it takes as much as what happens. Doubt is always part of the journey, but it cannot control the journey. Don't tell yourself things that aren't true. You really don't know until you try.


Date of birth: August 24-23 September

It may be tempting to wear a cloak of invisibility and avoid so-called competition and conflict. The Moon is sailing through your retrograde sector and you can curl up in a bubble of apathy and try to make peace that way, but it's also possible that challenges will be resolved more easily if you take the bull by the horns. If you're in the habit of avoiding discomfort for a longer period of time, you're sending a signal to yourself that you don't dare, and it may not be good in the long run. Don't neglect important details.


Date of birth: September 23-24

The cosmic arrow points in the direction of harmony, love, union, and cooperation, and it did not come for free. I fought for this. You stuck to your boundaries, expressed your needs and were as honest and real as possible, and now you'll see it has paid off. Whether it's a colleague or a romantic partner, you should continue to act direct and honest. You now have a unique opportunity to break away from Libra's tendency to always please and be afraid to make waves, and it's not a day too soon. Borders are exciting!

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the scorpion

Date of birth: October 22-24, November

As the Sun and Jupiter dance on the same stage in your relationship sector, it can be very difficult to find a good balance between you and your needs and what keeps coming up in relation to others. It can be a challenge not to overdo it, and even if you want to help others feel good, you have to set a limit on how much you can give. If it has been very intense and demanding lately, fatigue may have settled in your legs and this week you are smart if you put your health first. Don't stretch yourself further than you can.


Date of birth: November 21-23 December

As Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, and the Sun move through your sector of routine and efficiency, you may have been playing sports in getting things out of the way, and although Sagittarius is not usually very interested in details, you are now showing a tendency to the opposite. Nothing crosses your radar is invisible and with precision you can now take everything to the next level. You want to be whole and perfect now. Half way is no longer enough. Not only that, but you are also willing to take on the job. Once the sport is in it, the details aren't boring anymore. You find so much freedom in letting go of yourself completely.


Date of birth: December 20-22 January

As the moon creeps through your psychology sector, it may be time to put aside something that has consumed a lot of your time and effort and stop trying to fix it. The best option is to give it all the time. Let everything rest. You will discover a lot if you always give up being the person who fixes, arranges and cleans everything. And now you need a break. A little nap on Wednesday, a little break in the hectic daily life, time away from duty and responsibility, just focus on yourself, your body, your feelings and your needs. It's okay to be a little cocky. Treat yourself to a break.

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Aquarius man

Date of birth: January 21 – February 18

You need something new and you can feel it resonating deep inside, but there is still so much other stuff to get rid of that it's not enough time for what you want to do. This is a bit of a turbulent day, and as the moon sails through Leo, your opposite sign, in your relationship sector, it can feel as if a thousand people need your attention at the same time. If you struggle to express who you are, you feel yourself trying not to let other people's expectations of you become your reality. Find out what's holding you back from creativity.


Date of birth: February 19-20 walking

This is the day that fits you like a glove. Creativity meets passion, and as the moon sails through your sector of routine and work, even the most boring task lights up with joy, laughter, and creativity. If you have a fun attitude to life and love what you do, nothing feels like work. When you put your whole heart into what you're doing, time disappears and so do you. Mars wanders into your sensual sector and you can feel spring in your entire body. Listen to what your body wants and enjoy your passion.

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