Today's horoscopes

Today's horoscopes

HEvery day, astrologer Sol will give you insight into the future. Are you curious about love, work, finances, friends or maybe family? Let your zodiac sign guide you. Psst, here you will find your weekly horoscope.

Below you will find the horoscope predictions for Sunday, June 30.

KK Mine

  • Saul W. Jonassen (46).
  • Trained Evolutionary Astrologer, Soul Flow Healer and Meditation Instructor.
  • He has taught and taught internationally for 20 years.


Date of birth: March 20-21

You will gain a lot by leading by example rather than having to go and nag to those you want to help. Letting people figure things out for themselves isn't always easy, especially if they're people you care about, but you know how quickly you can get defensive when others tell you how to do things, and this also applies to those you try to inspire. So lead by example and show that you do not compromise your standard. Wisdom is knowing when to be silent and when to open the floodgates. Listen and you will see.

the Bull

Date of birth: April 21-21, maybe

As Mars transits your sign, you are more confident in yourself than you have been in a long time. This gives you the courage to stand up to manipulation and set fair boundaries. Today's world can challenge you to speak directly from the heart, and the only thing you have to remember is to be understanding of what others are going through, but at the same time, also remember all that you came up with when you were able to reflect on the situation in peace and calm. Stick to the point and listen before you answer. There can be big emotions in the swing and so you need to slow down the pace so it doesn't take over.


Date of Birth: May 21-June 22

It’s not always easy to know what’s wishful thinking and what’s real. You have a creative imagination, dear Gemini, and it’s not always easy to follow through on it, especially if it’s something you really want. Desire can create all sorts of expectations, so it’s important here to keep your tongue in your mouth so you don’t end up dreaming about something that will only lead to disappointment. When it comes to love, remember that action speaks louder than words in all cases. You don’t have to sit around and wait. Live your life and plan it the way you want. Then everything else will come as a bonus.

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Date of birth: June 22-July 22

There's nothing to say about your creative imagination, but you should be careful not to make ten chickens out of one bad feather. It's not as bad as you think, but while Mercury and Neptune are in aspect, it's not unlikely that you might jump to the wrong conclusions and think that what you fear is the right answer. This isn't necessarily the case, and the fact that you don't get the answers you're looking for right away doesn't mean there's anything wrong. Be patient and have faith. Most likely, there is something in your head that feels a little scary at this moment and when it calms down you will see it clearly again.

the lion

Date of birth: July 23-August 23

The universe is full of creative potential today, and if you want to, you are allowed to. This is an excellent day to accomplish all that you should have done but didn’t have the time to do. You are putting your heart into what you do now, and if you are creatively inclined and feel that inspiration has shone through its absence, the drought is definitely over. As a Leo, you are constantly searching for what gives you meaning, and if you haven’t found that yet, today’s astrological wave can put you on the right track. This gives you a sense that the possibilities are endless, and keeps you in good spirits. You are always on the go.


Date of Birth: August 23-24 September

Once you decide something, you do it with precision and attention to detail which is impressive, especially for those who are just below average. If that means cooking that Michelin-level risotto and spending an incredible amount of time to get it done, it's definitely something you appreciate. It's the little details that can make a big difference, and if you've invited people over for dinner or are getting together for a perfect Sunday afternoon with the family, you won't want to save money. Once you've done that, why not do it perfectly?

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Date of Birth: September 24-October 23

The Moon is sailing into your psychology and life can seem very heavy and serious, but that's just for now. You may be feeling deep emotions that you haven't felt in a long time, and you certainly don't have many other options but to actually leave it as it is, but know that even heavy clouds make room on the way. The end then watch the sun. If you feel like life is going against you or you have encountered some sudden problems, there is no reason to panic. According to astronomical forecasts, this is only temporary.

the scorpion

Date of Birth: October 24-November 22

The wisdom you have gained through so many interesting, challenging and difficult experiences contributes to the fact that you now know yourself inside out, and there is also very little that surprises you about others. Scorpio eventually becomes a master of psychology and insight, and knowing this gives a sense of strength and self-confidence. Although everything was not pleasant, you now see that you would not be there without those experiences. If you are stuck in an old way of thinking, remember that every time you look up, you will see exactly what is making you feel stagnant.


Date of Birth: November 23-December 21

Mercury has strayed into a somewhat emotional zone, and this could affect today's cosmic atmosphere. You can tell yourself that you don't care, but now you have to get good at suppressing your inner voice if you want to get away from doubt and uncertainty. There may be a disagreement between you and another person that has made you think about your own motives or you may have started something outside of your comfort zone and you may begin to wonder if you have crossed your limits. Let the feelings out. They calm down faster after that.

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Date of Birth: December 22-January 20

Life doesn’t come with guarantees, and there are an incredible number of uncertainties that can make your thoughts spin out of control, but in many ways you have an inner peace, mostly because you know that answers will come sooner or later. For you. Anyone who dares to step outside their comfort zone can also step outside their comfort zone without being overwhelmed by fears. As a Capricorn, this is exactly the kind of emotional discipline you seek. The balance between head and heart works optimally.

Aquarius man

Date of birth: January 21 – February 18

Now you can take the time you need. Even if you have a family and are surrounded by people all the time, you have found an inner oasis where you can sit undisturbed and contemplate life's many mysteries. In many ways, that's when you're at your best. Aquarius is an original, independent thinker who doesn't like too much interference, and from this understanding comes your enormous respect for the fact that people close to you should also be allowed to figure out their own affairs in peace and quiet. You need freedom, therefore you also give freedom. When you are free you can be true to yourself.


Date of birth: February 19-20 walking

Don’t forget the people closest to you as you search for what gives you excitement and meaning. Your creativity is at its peak right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except that you can get a little too caught up in what you’re doing and end up cutting out what would really nourish you. If you’re invited over with a friend or family member, it may initially seem like it’s getting in the way of everything else you want to do, but you’ll see that if you say yes, you’ll find exactly the inspiration you need.

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